11 Million More Reasons Why Communication Is Elemental

As humans, we need Zinc to live. Zn, atomic number 30, is one of the building blocks of the human body. The mineral is found in our kidney, pancreas, retina, teeth, hair, skin, liver, blood cells and prostate, and has been proven to help with pregnancy, treat ADHD, and cure acne, stomach issues, eczema and more. You’ve no doubt found yourself frantically chewing on zinc tablets trying to ward off an impending cold, and Zinc helps create important enzymes that make the respiration process possible. Zinc is an essential element for life.

For organizations, communication holds the same importance. It’s not a nice-to-have, it’s a building block and an essential element of a successful business. Communication binds together the information and knowledge people need to perform in their jobs. These moments of connection happen naturally for workers that sit behind a computer or in an office near each other every day. But for the 72% of the workforce who don’t sit at a desk, don’t work in an office, and may not even have an email address, effective communication has been an elusive goal.

Zinc connects employees with the real-time information that drives business results
Zinc connects employees with the real-time information that drives business results

And yet, across the globe, most everyone has a mobile phone. This proliferation of mobile devices creates an opportunity to transform communication in deskless industries like field service, construction, hospitality, and healthcare. These industries have been underserved by existing technology. Zinc’s cross-company communication platform empowers effective communication among deskless workforces so that they can better drive business results.

Today, we announced $11 million in new funding led by GE Ventures with participation from Hearst Ventures, Emergence Capital, and CRV. This funding will help us continue to build our enterprise communication platform for organizations with deskless workforces.

At Zinc, we strive to make it simple for companies in deskless industries to communicate important or time-sensitive information to the entire company, facilitate connections and sharing between employees in the field, and ensure that management has immediate visibility into what’s happening on the front lines. Whether it’s quickly relaying a new operating procedure to the entire company, enabling knowledge sharing between workers miles apart, or getting product and customer feedback from the field back to management, Zinc connects employees with the real-time information that drives business results.

The new funding will help us continue to improve on our existing solutions like secure messaging, broadcasts, voice, video, file & location sharing, analytics, enterprise-grade security and admin features, as well as build new features and functions that make communication happen and drive results. We’re especially excited to work closely with GE Ventures to help streamline communication for its approximately 100,000 deskless workers and build out key integrations to complementary products like Predix ServiceMax.

Zinc gets the information, knowledge, and leadership that creates successful businesses into workers hands and drives business results. We can’t wait for all that’s ahead for us – and customers like Vivint, Mike’s Bikes, and BlueLine Rentals – as we continue to build our platform to make it more indispensable for them.