5 Tips for Getting More out of Zinc

Getting More out of Zinc

In talking with our customers, it’s exciting to hear how much Zinc has an impact on helping employees get their job done. And while many customers are pros at using Zinc, we want to share a few pro tips to help you get even more out of Zinc!

Zinc Conversation Swipe Actions
Getting more out of Zinc: muting conversations

Easily manage notifications and messages

Headed off shift and want to mute notifications? Finished with a conversation and want to remove it from your view? Conversations actions have you covered!

To show the actions: Swipe left on a message if using the iOS app, or simply tap and hold a message if on the Zinc Android app. From here, you can choose to:

  • Mark a message read or unread
  • Mute notifications
  • Archive a message

Make conversations more fun with emojis ???

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love emojis? They are perfect for those moments when words aren’t enough – like closing a big deal or welcoming a new hire. So, adding emojis to conversations is a breeze. You can use the emoji keyboard on your smartphone, but you can also add them from the desktop too!

If you’re using the Mac desktop app, simply hit control + command + spacebar and voila! 

Emoji keyboard on Zinc desktop app

For Windows users (on version 8 or 10), you can use the emoji keyboard.  First Show the touch keyboard, then open the keyboard from the system tray and select the emoji keyboard. Bam!

Windows emoji keyboard

Add content to conversations with file sharing

On the job and need a document? In the mobile app, tap the file icon and easily share files from your favorite services like Box, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Zinc File Sharing from Desktop App

Using the web or desktop app? Quickly drag and drop files on your computer into a Zinc message for instant file sharing! No need to be connected to other apps.

Easily collaborate with people outside your company with Zinc groupsUse groups to stay connected with the people you need to get work done

We know your work often entails interacting with people outside your company, like distributors or partners. Groups let you easily communicate with the people you need, regardless of their company.

Quickly create groups with external members in the app, or create and manage an Official Group via the Admin Console.

Zinc Group PanelManage your group participation

Work moves fast. We know it’s important to be able to quickly add or remove people from ongoing discussions based on the task at hand.

Tap the Group Name in a conversation to bring up the group panel. Here you can easily add or remove members, or if you need to step out of a group, you can do that too ??


We hope these tips will help you and your team get even more out of Zinc! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @Zinc for the latest news, updates and tips.