About Zinc

At Zinc, we believe that communication is the lifeblood of business. Great work starts with sharing ideas, disseminating knowledge and effective leadership; all of which are virtually impossible without communication. Good communication isn't a tool or a strategy––it’s a business imperative for all organizations.

Our Story

When information flows freely up, down, and across an organization, results happen. Workers who sit behind a computer or in an office everyday can easily communicate. Whether it’s via email, a collaboration solution, or simply gathering for a meeting; information gets through. But for 72% of the workforce who don't sit behind a desk, in an office, or at a computer, effective communication is an elusive goal. In deskless industries, front-line workers are the deciding factor in the most important business metrics, including productivity, engagement, customer satisfaction and revenue.

Yet, despite great technology innovation, most work apps for communication solve only one use case, and don’t offer the mobile-first experience deskless employees require. These workers, the most mobile and least tolerant of multiple confusing apps, are faced with a plethora of options. This frustration leads to the use of non-compliant, unmanageable consumer apps; or worse, lack of adoption and no communication at all.

Enter Zinc.

At Zinc, we know that deskless workforces who communicate effectively up, down, and across the organization perform the best. We’ve purpose-built the only All Mode Communication Platform that enables all modes in one dead-simple, mobile-first app; while still guaranteeing compliance, security and central administration for the organization. Zinc makes it simple to communicate important or time-sensitive information to the entire company, facilitate connections and sharing among field employees, and with immediate visibility for management into what's happening on the front lines. With a full spectrum of secure communication features together, Zinc gives organizations with deskless workforces the single best platform to communicate at scale. Zinc connects employees with the real-time information that drives business results.

We’ve built Zinc for fast, secure, and accessible enterprise communication anytime, and we’ve created it precisely for the workers who need it most.


Who's Your Next Communication Superhero?

Ever feel like communicating with your team feels a little like a Comicon of apps? How do you decide which app fits best when trying to get quick answers on the job? Do you have a favorite app? Which one gets the job done in the fastest and smoothest way. Maybe you are so much in love with one – you simply can’t live without it? Learn more about superhero communication apps and you decide which is the most powerful. Watch this quick (and fun) video.

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