Mobile changes everything, especially the way we work.

Every Worker is an Information Worker

At Zinc we believe communication is fundamental and information, elemental. For decades, technology has helped workers communicate and collaborate better while at their computers. It’s when they get up and get mobile that these tools start to fall down. In fact, 80% of workers are away from desks, away from computers, and actually in front of customers all of the time. These employees are the face of your brand and they need to receive and share information as quickly and easily as they share texts with their families. This real-time information sharing is so crucial to mobile workers that they typically find a way to make it happen. They turn to consumer messaging apps that lack the enterprise features, security and administration required for businesses. 

We designed Zinc to connect workers both in and outside the office, in a secure and compliant fashion. Zinc is a mobile-first solution that is so easy and feature rich that employees immediately embrace it. And yet chock full of security controls and admin levers to help companies manage the implementation. 

We believe information is elemental, and every worker is an “information worker.” Our mission is to get all teams in Zinc across the globe. 

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