Mobile changes everything, especially the way we work.

Communication for deskless workers. Finally.

At Zinc we believe that communication is the essential element of a successful business. Great work starts with innovation, knowledge, and leadership; all of which are virtually impossible without communication. Communication isn't a tool, it's a strategic imperative for all organizations.

Knowledge comes together and becomes actionable when information flows freely up, down and across the organization. These moments of connection happen naturally for workers that sit behind a computer or in an office near each other every day. But for the 72% of the workforce who don't sit at a desk, don't work in an office, and may not have a computer or even an email address, effective communication has been an elusive goal. 

Enter Zinc.

Zinc makes it simple to communicate important or time-sensitive information to the entire company, facilitate connections and sharing between employees in the field, and ensure that management has immediate visibility into what's happening on the front lines. Whether it's quickly relaying a new operating procedure to the entire company, enabling knowledge sharing between workers miles apart, or getting product and customer feedback from the field back to management, Zinc connects employees with the real-time information that drives business results.

Packing secure messaging, broadcasts, voice, video, file & location sharing, and analytics, with enterprise grade security and admin features into a seamless, mobile-first interface, Zinc's natural user experience needs no manual. Employees can pick up their mobile device and be armed with the information and knowledge they need to do their best work, anytime. 

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