Central Administration

Quickly and painlessly onboard thousands of employees, set-up Official Groups, establish user permissions and configure data storage timeframes, all from a central Admin Console.

Enterprise-level control, flexibility and security

Always enterprise-ready, Zinc provides the centralized controls, user management capabilities, and system integrations that allow communication to flow freely and securely throughout the organization.

  • Onboard users quickly and painlessly
  • Give employees the right access and permissions with one-click
  • Manage Official group creation and set data retention policies that meet your needs
  • Connect your content and workflow systems to create a seamless experience

Take control of your organization's communication strategy with complete control and visibility.

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Import Users

Easily import users by syncing with your external directory. Input employee information to generate searchable User Profiles.

Set Roles and Permissions

Ensure employees have the correct access and permissions. Choose from Users, Team Admins, Org Admins and Broadcasters.

Manage Groups

Create Official and Hotline Groups, set permissions, add and remove users, and set data retention policies from the Admin Console.

Centralized Control

Say goodbye to year-long implementations

Zinc has been built to make it quick and easy to set up, configure and onboard users, with an intuitive interface that your employees will know how to use right away.

  • Sync with your external directory and single sign-on platform to have users, roles, and permissions imported directly.
  • Provide details such as Job Title, Office, Department, Region and more to create searchable User Profiles that allow users to find coworkers by searching on those qualities.

Be up and running in days, even if you are in the middle of a more involved technology implementation, such as ServiceMax, ClickSoftware, or Oracle Field Service.

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Group Management

Get visibility into the field

Zinc Groups are a powerful way to organize communication around specific topics, teams, regions, departments, products, events, projects, and more. Different types of Zinc Groups provide both flexibility and control for employees and administrators.

  • Official Groups are managed by an administrator who can restrict access to the group, add and remove users, and select data retention settings.
  • Ad-hoc Groups can be created freely by anyone in the organization and aren't managed by an administrator

From the Admin Console, administrators can manage Official Groups as well as track Ad-hoc group creation.

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Communicate in context

Integrate with enterprise workflow solutions such as ServiceMax and Salesforce in addition to content knowledge repositories like Box, Dropbox and more.

  • Communicate in real-time with relevant team-members using Zinc's Salesforce integration
  • Use quick-links in ServiceMax to start Zinc conversations around ServiceMax work orders, accounts, installed products, or contacts, with all relevant team members included
  • Share specific content using links from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and more.

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Solve Problems in Real-Time with Zinc

  • Get Instant Answers
  • Share Information
  • Integrate into Workflow
  • Track Performance
  • Get Instant Answers

    Collaborate with your team on a single, easy-to-use enterprise chat platform using every mode—messaging, voice, video, content sharing, push to talk and broadcasts.

    • Eliminate inefficient email threads, phone trees, and unsecured text message chains
    • Solve jobsite issues quickly with a direct line to office-based support teams
    • Video chat live or share videos, images, audio files, and location to speed up issue resolution
    • Use powerful group functionalities to get answers from people who have the right knowledge
    • Search conversation history and co-worker information to find what you need
  • Share Information

    Connect everyone at your organization with the knowledge and information they need.

    • Send Broadcasts to alert teams of timely or important information and see when they’ve read it
    • Easily access company knowledge with integrations to your content management platform
    • Reference back to key updates and documents in the Content Hub
    • Use Official Groups to send information to the correct employees
    • Avoid information overload with targeted messages and expiration dates
  • Integrate into Workflow

    Communicate in the context of the work being done with integrations into your existing software systems.

    • Access ServiceMax and Salesforce work orders and conversation history from any device
    • Instantly create conversations around existing Work Orders, Accounts, and Installed Products
    • Bring non-Salesforce or ServiceMax users in the conversation
    • Retain conversations for historical search and learnings
  • Track Performance

    Analyze real-time visual charts about communication trends. Correlate communication to employee performance and close any information gaps so everyone stays productive.

    • Track group creation, membership and activity levels
    • Understand communication trends and preferred modes
    • Identify disconnected workers and re-engage them
    • Visualize the real organizational structure based on actual communication patterns

What Customers Are Saying

"This visibility and engagement make it easier to give recognition to employees and celebrate wins. Doing these things helps drive our culture and helps our employees know their voices are being heard."

- Brett Barborka, Vivint Smart Home

"The team loves the app because it’s fast and easy to use: it doesn’t require knowing someone’s mobile number and there is flexibility in how you communicate as it’s easy to move across text, voice or video."

- Sean Jordan, BioTek Instruments

Zinc Is Available on Any Device

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