Central Administration

Quickly and painlessly onboard thousands of employees, set-up Official Groups, establish user permissions and configure data storage timeframes, all from a central Admin Console.

Admin console

Easily onboard and manage users

Only Zinc offers powerful administrative features that deliver the IT control and management that enterprises require. Zinc’s Admin Console allows you to:

  • Sync with Active Directory and Okta
  • Manage user roles and permissions
  • Create Official Groups and Broadcast lists and folders

With an easy-to-use interface, powerful group capabilities and a range of integrations, teams onboard quickly and IT is assured of scale and control.

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Manage and Scale Communications from a Central Admin Console

Zinc's Admin Console is essentially your 'home' for managing all communications.

  • Groups
  • Integrations
  • Onboarding
  • Groups

    Zinc groups are powerful because they provide relevancy and context and also provide a richer user experience when integrated with other applications.

    • Hotline Groups provides private 1:1 conversations from a central team such as a help-desk
    • Contextual conversations are stored and accessed from Predix ServiceMax and Salesforce
    • Ad-hoc groups are formed by teams to address immediate needs
    • Official groups configured by the Zinc administrator map directly to your org structure
  • Integrations

    Integrate with enterprise workflow solutions such as Predix ServiceMax and Salesforce in addition to content knowledge repositories like Box, Dropbox and more.

    • Communicate in real-time with relevant team-members using Zinc’s Salesforce integration
    • Use quick-links in Predix ServiceMax to start Zinc conversations around ServiceMax work orders, accounts, installed products, or contacts, with all relevant team members included
    • Share specific content using links from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and more.

    Zinc + Predix ServiceMax Solution

  • Onboarding

    Onboarding Zinc takes just hours.  Fully integrate with Microsoft Active Directory so you secure and control access at all times.  Using Zinc’s Admin Console, configure data retention timeframes, define user permissions and set-up groups.

    • Send broadcasts to internal teams about new Zinc capabilities
    • Integrate with calendars and unify all team communication
    • Leverage Zinc’s support site to learn about new features

Available on iOS, Android, Web and Desktop

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