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Secure Group Chat App for Deskless Workers

Zinc’s group messaging capabilities provide a powerful way to organize communication around specific projects, events, products, teams, departments and more. Different types of Zinc Groups provide both flexibility and control for employees and administrators.

  • Connect cross-functional teams and bridge the gap between desk-based and deskless workers
  • Collaborate in real-time with all the right teammates - no phone numbers required
  • Send a message, share photos, videos and files, start a conference call or start a push to talk channel

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Powerful Group Chat Capabilities

Group chat for business should seamlessly connect employees across the organization. As new teammates join or experts are brought into groups, all chat history is visible so they can get caught up and jump right in.

  • Hotline Groups
  • Official Groups
  • Ad Hoc Groups
  • Hotline Groups

    Hotline Groups allow users to send a message to a Zinc group without being a member of that group. Employees leverage Hotline Groups when they need to talk with a specific type of person, such as a product expert or someone in HR, but don’t know who that specific person is.

    • Bypass long call queues with an Expert Hotline Group that anyone can message into for help
    • Use all modes to solve the problem in a dedicated conversation and bring in any other team members who could be of help
    • Track resolution times and view productivity reports in the Zinc Admin Console
  • Official Groups

    Official Groups form the foundation of your organization’s communication structure and can be created manually or synced from your corporate directory.

    • Set up Official Groups around specific topics, teams, regions, departments, products, events, projects, and more
    • Choose open or restricted group membership to control access to the group
    • Export group messages at any time
  • Ad Hoc Groups

    Ad Hoc Groups can be created freely by anyone in the organization and aren’t managed by an administrator.

    • Create group chats on the fly for short-term projects, cross-department collaboration, and social conversations
    • Custom controls allow users to name groups, mute push notifications, add members, export the conversation, and leave the group
    • Reduce the noise in the Official Groups by creating an Ad Hoc sub-group

Resolve Faster

Resolve less complex issues in real time to speed up productivity and reduce the number of support tickets that are escalated through the system

Track and Measure

View metrics on support resolutions and learn where improvements can be made across training and staffing.

Keep Teams Engaged

Reduce the noise of technicians asking questions in large groups and facilitate cross department communication that was never before possible.

Group Management

Managed group chat software

From the Admin Console, administrators can manage Official Groups as well as track Ad Hoc group creation. Three different Admin tiers within the Admin Console allow for organized, scalable administration of Zinc's group chat app.

  • Set data retention settings, add and remove users, and specify whether a group is open or closed
  • Assign Org Admin, Team Admin or Broadcaster rights
  • View Group Analytics to understand how employees use groups to share information

Real-time group messaging drives results

With access to every mode of communication in Zinc's group chat app, field teams have everything they need to boost key metrics like first time fix, mean time to repair, and repair rates. Real-time communication allows field teams to:

  • Get answers fast from their supporting teams
  • Speed up troubleshooting with live 1:1 video calls
  • Easily access key information while on the job
  • Celebrate successes in their team’s Official Group

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Secure & compliant group chat for business

Zinc's simple and intuitive group messaging app is loved by users and trusted by the enterprise. Built with enterprise-grade security, compliance and scalability, Zinc is SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, and TrustArc certified.

  • Encryption in transit and at rest keeps data secure and multi-factor authentication ensures only current employees have access
  • Own and control all data, set data management policies, recover archived data, and be sure that no outside parties have any access
  • HIPAA compliance ensures that healthcare organizations are protecting patient data and not liable for legal repercussions

What Customers Are Saying

"Zinc has been a huge success to us because it gives that real-time delivery of communication so that you don’t have to scrub through a boring email of info, you can get the content right away, right when you need it."

- Kyle Christensen, Vivint Smart Home

"We worked really hard to find a platform that would make it easy for us to manage how we wanted to communicate with our employees, and we found Zinc. With the help of Zinc, we've completely transformed our communications and our culture."

- Asterios Satrazemis, BlueLine Rental