Join Zinc in Celebrating Deskless Worker Appreciation Month!

Here at Zinc, we are strong supporters of deskless workers everywhere. Deskless workers comprise anywhere from 72-80% of the entire workforce. They include field service technicians, hotel staff, utility workers, flight crews, warehouse staff, manufacturing plant engineers—the list goes on.

No matter the industry, these workers are united by the fact that their work doesn’t happen in front of a computer. Instead, they are working with their hands or directly with a customer. They are often on-the-go and rely on real-time communication and tribal knowledge to tackle new challenges and get the job done. And unlike desk-based workers, deskless workers have historically not had access to new technology that helps them communicate and collaborate while on the job.

In honor of these deskless workers whose jobs are so vital to our everyday life, we are kicking off Deskless Worker Appreciation Month. Throughout the month of September, we will be shining a light on this often neglected workforce and featuring the many ways that deskless workers are excelling in their field.

Do you know a rockstar deskless worker who should be recognized during Deskless Worker Appreciation Month? Maybe you’re a deskless worker and would like to share what you love about your job. Let us know by tweeting us at @Zinc or emailing Don’t forget to tell us what makes the deskless worker you know so amazing!

We’ll be featuring submissions on our website, blog, and Twitter! Stay tuned to see all the awesome work being done by deskless workers across industries.


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