Communication Analytics

Analyze real-time visual charts about communication trends and patterns. Correlate with employee performance and close any information gaps so everyone stays informed and productive.

Engagement Reports & Conversation Map

Analyze rich data to drive business decisions

Communication is essential to business operations, yet until now, it has never been easy to measure. Improving KPIs requires real-time measurement, and without insight into how communication affects operations, you only look at half the picture. Zinc's Communication Analytics brings visibility into this previously grey area of operations.

View Patterns

View communication patterns and trends, and segment data by geographical location, department or team.

Spot Problems

With insights into how field teams communicate, hone-in on problem areas and proactively address information gaps.

Correlate Usage

Use the data from analytics dashboards and reports to understand how communication frequency affects employee performance.

Engagement Reports

Measure the effectiveness of your communication.

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Conversation Map

View conversation networks and identify trending topics.

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