Group Analytics

How Does Information Flow Throughout the Organization?

Group analytics show how many different groups exist in your organization and how often those groups are used. This data reveals how field teams work with each other and how well-connected they are with HQ. Insights to discover are:

  • The effectiveness of your team's communication and collaboration skills
  • Valuable “grassroots” conversations employees engage in
  • Frequency of specific topics across employees

Group Report

Understand how employees use groups to share information

The Group Report shows the level of user activity broken down by each type of Zinc group (Official, Ad hoc, and unnamed Ad hoc groups). With the ability to track group creation, growth and engagement, you can glean a variety of insights, including what topics are most pressing among field teams and which teams or regions communicate the most or least, which can then be correlated to performance.

By tracking Ad hoc group creation, management can get an understanding of the most current tribal knowledge being shared by deskless teams. This knowledge is especially useful in proactively solving front-line issues that haven’t made their way to corporate or management teams.

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