Understand Employee Engagement in Zinc

Engagement analytics provide near real-time stats on Zinc usage across all users. Activity Reports, Membership Reports, and Broadcast Metrics give you visibility into user activity levels and message engagment. Insights allow you to see:

  • Which modes of communication users prefer
  • Where communication is strong vs. weak across teams
  • How quickly Zinc is being adopted

These insights allow you to better understand how information is consumed by employees with different job functions and roles and make changes that improve communication across the organization.

Activity Report

Use activity data to drive informed decisions

Activity Reports show user activity levels across messages sent and calls made. Identify which types of messages (text, audio, image, video, thumbs up, file, and location) and which types of calls (voice or video) are the most popular.

With insight into mode preferences, managers can identify when teams are hindering their effectiveness by not leveraging all of Zinc’s modes. Additionally, leaders can correlate communication frequency to employee performance to identify best practices. Oftentimes the most active Zinc users are also the highest performers.

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Membership Report

Track Zinc Roll Out

Easily track how many users have been added to Zinc and who has logged into the app. The Membership Report helps administrators effectively monitor the rollout of Zinc across the workforce.

Zinc Onboarding

broadcast metrics

Real-time visibility into message enagement

Broadcast Metrics show exactly who has received, read, and clicked through your Broadcasts. Knowing if company-wide Broadcasts are being consumed is important, especially if the information is critical to an employee’s safety and well being.

Other times, Broadcasts include real-time updates about new product information that is necessary for employees to know while on the job. When urgent or important information goes unread, teams often struggle to deliver quality service and become frustrated with the lack of guidance.

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All Mode Communication for the Enterprise

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All Mode

Use every mode of communication—messaging, voice, video, content sharing, push to talk and broadcasts—all in one app to get instant answers and share information.

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Central Administration

Tiered access within the Admin Console lets you manage company directory, create Official Groups and Broadcast lists, and set user roles and permissions.

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Security and Privacy

Encryption in transit and at rest keeps data secure and multi-factor authentication ensures only current employees have access.

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Cross Device Support

Zinc is available through Windows and Mac desktops apps, Android and Apple mobile apps, and on the web. Easy to use, on any device.

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Intuitive User Experience

Zinc is clean, easy to use, and behaves like any consumer messaging app that employees are used to. Be assured of high adoption, especially among deskless workers.


Platform Integrations

Integrations with key applications such as Box, Google Drive, DropBox, Sharepoint, Salesforce, and ServiceMax bring context to conversations.