Network Map

Visualize Organization-Wide Communication

In one complete visual, understand how different groups and teams interact within the organization. The network map shows both the frequency and intensity of the interactions between different Zinc groups. This allows you to:

  • Visualize the real organizational structure based on actual communication patterns
  • Identify disconnected workers to help managers create engagement plans for specific team members
  • Gain a new level of understanding into how different groups communicate
  • Identity best practices by mapping effectiveness to communication patterns.

Previously hidden insights brought to the forefront

Insights into communication networks allow managers to quickly identify workers that are disconnected from their teams and find out why. Sometimes the reason is due to disengagement, while other times it is more complex.

For example, one company found that the employees communicating the least were actually veterans who didn't need to do much troubleshooting with their team. Because of this insight, the field service manager knew to move these pros out of the field and into an office role where they provided live assistance to new technicians.

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