Connect Your Field Workforce

Support field technicians

Employees working directly with customers need company knowledge and resources on-hand to perform their best. Real-time, tribal knowledge sharing through Messaging, Voice, VIdeo and Push to Talk, as well as Alert-style Broadcasts, keeps dispersed teams in-the-know at all times. With immediate access to the people, information, and resources needed on the job, every technician has the power to solve customer problems right away, helping increase satisfaction and ultimately, revenue.

Improve customer service

Equip field techs with the knowledge and resources needed to complete jobs faster. Help is just a click away, using any mode that best fits the situation. From live Push to Talk sessions and resource access to video calls and group messaging , technicians have everything they need at their fingertips.. When techs need to stay in touch with their office counterparts, communication is seamless as Zinc works across any device through mobile and desktop applications.

Drive Measurable Business Results

First-time fix rates

Improve the time it takes to fix issues by solving technician challenges in real-time. When a service tech doesn’t have all the parts on-hand or doesn’t know how to fix a problem, they can easily communicate with other team members and departments, as well as quickly access documents such as service manuals and new procedures.

Mean time to repair

Reduce the average time it takes to repair by enabling mobile-based troubleshooting and access to a Content Hub of useful training documents. With the ability to contact anyone in the company, technicians shave time off each work order, as well as improve team utilization rates.

Completion rate

Improve time to resolution by streamlining communication between scheduling centers and technicians. With better response times, more work orders are completed each day, boosting customer satisfaction and revenue.


Increase sales across the workforce by giving technicians mobile access to the sales team as well as access to product information. If a new team member doesn’t know all the product details, hopping on a quick call for timely coaching from a sales rep is all it takes to move the deal along.

Field Service Product Demo

See Zinc in action.

“Zinc is delivering information instantaneously. Collectively, we’ve seen our time to service — the ability to get to the customer quickly when they call — drop by 37% in the past year and a 50% improvement in employee engagement scores since Zinc’s deployment.”     

                             – Brett Barborka, Director of Field Service