Corporate Communications

Internal Communication Software That Reaches Deskless Workers

Deskless workers are often left out of corporate communications because organizations tend to rely on desk-based tools, but these tools aren’t accessible for field and mobile teams. This negatively impacts employee engagement and company culture, leading to higher turnover and potentially millions of dollars walking out the door.

To effectively connect with frontline employees, corporate teams need to meet them on the devices they already use with Zinc’s internal communications software. This creates a culture of connectivity where employees always have the latest information, making an immediate impact on productivity, retention, and customer satisfaction.

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Effectively Inform the Workforce With a Single Application

Enterprises must reach their deskless employees on the mobile devices.

  • Workforce Updates
  • Message Targeting
  • Instant Messaging
  • Conference Calling
  • Workforce Updates

    Send Broadcasts to immediately inform employees about company news and other updates. Deskless workers are no longer left out of important top-down messages and management has visibility into message engagement.

    • Share timely or urgent information through an amber-alert style push notification
    • Employees must read and click to continue using Zinc
    • Broadcasts metrics show who has received, read, and clicked your message
  • Message Targeting

    With a centralized Admin Console, you can easily target a message so it goes to a specific group of employees. Create as many groups as you need, organize them into lists and folders and edit them over time.

    • Create Broadcast lists, groups and folders to manage users
    • Send Broadcasts to the exact employees who need to know
    • Edit and expire Broadcasts to keep information current
  • Instant Messaging

    Use 1:1 and group messaging to talk with employees and gather feedback. For specific employee questions, set up a Hotline that can be staffed by all members of your team.

    • Create Official and Ad Hoc instant messaging groups around specific topics, events, departments, and more
    • Chat with dispersed workers in real-time through text, photos, videos and files
    • Create various Hotline groups to privately respond to employee questions
  • Conference Calling

    Zinc’s easy conference calling allows you to connect globally dispersed employees, no matter if they are on a computer or a mobile device.

    • No need to exchange numbers or search for dial-in codes
    • One click to join from mobile
    • Connect up to 250 people at one time

Learn how to manage generational differences

As a demographic shift takes place in the workplace, it’s more important than ever for companies to find effective ways for different generations to communicate and share ideas. With each generation's differing communication preferences and technology comfort levels, there is natural friction that occurs. In this eBook, you'll learn how to best manage this friction in order to capitalize on the best of all generations.

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Use a dual approach to ensure updates are read

When companies use internal communication mobile apps built for a singular purpose, they just become another app that employees don’t check. With Zinc, updates come through the business communication app deskless workers use every day. For instance, if a technician is troubleshooting a problem when a Broadcast comes through, they must read the alert before getting back to their Zinc conversation.

This integration of top-down updates into the company communication app that employees use every day to complete work ensures corporate updates are read. Now all employees, even those who don't use email, are informed and connected to all departments.

Finding immediate value in a company internal communication tool

Asterios Satrazemis, CEO of BlueLine Rental places a strong emphasis on culture and communication. At BlueLine, ABC doesn't stand for "Always Be Closing," it stands for "Always Be Connecting." Until employees had Zinc's business communication application, staying connected was hard to do.

Now all of BlueLine’s employees, from the CEO to sales managers and drivers, have the ability to communicate in real time, which has made a big difference for the business. Hear how Asterios turned the failing business around in just 18 months.

Keep the Workforce Informed and Engaged

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Easily Manage Communications

The Admin Console allows for easy central management of all Zinc groups and Broadcasts. Choose from Broadcasting rights, Team Admin access or All Org access.

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Make Information Sharing Quick and Easy

Zinc integrates with key applications such as Box, Google Drive, DropBox, Sharepoint, Salesforce, and ServiceMax. Search for the document you need and share broadly.

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Reach Office and Mobile Workers Alike

Zinc is available through Windows and Mac desktops apps, Android and Apple mobile apps, and on the web. Easy to use, on any device.

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Join the Conversation

In Zinc, silos are a thing of the past. Stay in touch with your teammates as well as different departments, regions, and offices with ease.