The Business Impact of Mobile Communication

Roughly 80% of workers operate outside the confines of an office or away from a desk. These employees are inherently siloed and disconnected from the people, knowledge and systems that can help them do a better job. How do you bridge the gap between the field and the office, ultimately creating connections that drive tangible business outcomes?

  • For service leaders, how do you ensure your field workers have access to the people and knowledge they need to increase productivity and customer satisfaction?
  • For medical device or healthcare organizations, how do you maintain HIPAA compliance without sacrificing speed or efficiency?
  • For the retail chain, how do you keep employees engaged and excited in what traditionally can be a high turnover environment given seasonality?

These are some of the challenges Zinc customers are tackling head on, and helping drive meaningful impact in their organization. Leveraging Zinc, many forward-thinking organizations are connecting their “deskless workers” via a secure mobile communication platform that delivers tangible business results.

Explore the business impact customers are experiencing in our recent infographic below.

Zinc Business Impact