Start Connecting Deskless Workers Like Never Before

Wednesday, July 19th at 10 am PDT (find your local time)

Effective communication is a cornerstone of business success, especially for companies with employees who are out in the field, never in front of a desk. Companies who do communication well see improvements across employee engagement, performance, and retention, all which boost customer satisfaction and benefit both top and bottom line.

When engaged employees boost productivity by 20-25% – a total of $1.3 trillion per year in potential revenues – it’s crucial to find a communication solution for connecting deskless workers with each other, leadership, and overall business objectives.

The problem is, today’s workforce is mobile, collaborative, and dynamic. Email and other desktop tools don’t provide an easy and secure way for deskless workers, representing 72% of the workforce, to communicate in real-time.

Join Zinc for a 30-minute webinar on July 19th to learn how a mobile-first communication platform is connecting deskless workers like never before, so they can stay engaged and drive real business results. John Stetic, who leads product strategy, engineering, and product management at Zinc, will discuss:

  • How you can boost productivity by 20-25% with engaged employees
  • Why today’s communication technologies fall short
  • How a single communication platform transforms the way you work

Plus, you’ll see a demo of Zinc’s platform in action.

Companies already leveraging Zinc have seen a 72% increase in employee engagement, 63% increase in productivity, 37% decrease in time-to-service, and more.


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