Resolve Today’s Problems, Today

Eliminating confusion, mistakes, and rework is possible when employees can freely share tribal knowledge and stay connected to the people and information they need in real time. Email is slow, easily missed and often ignored. Consumer apps are unreliable and don’t connect everyone in the organization.

With Zinc’s real-time communication app, you can resolve today’s problems today, instead of waiting for tomorrow’s early morning huddle. Powerful features connect and engage employees so that everyone is safe, informed, and productive. Say goodbye to the prolonged chain of communication and reach everyone at a moment’s notice.

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Real-Time Construction Communication Software

When you want to boost productivity, but not compromise safety, real-time communication is vital. Forget single-use construction management apps and take advantage of an All Mode platform.

  • Safety
  • Site Walk Throughs
  • Team Meetings
  • Employee Engagement
  • Safety

    Send a Broadcast to immediately alert employees of important safety issues. By sending updates through the employee communication platform employees use every day to get work done, you ensure employees stay informed when it matters most.

    • Improve site safety and create a record of reporting in the Broadcast feed
    • Target Broadcasts so they go to the exact employees who need to know
    • Hyperlink content for quick access and integrate with other construction industry apps
  • Site Walk Throughs

    Enhance awareness and issue completion in a single construction mobile app that contains all modes of communication that are needed at any given moment.

    • Take and send photos of incidents during walkthroughs
    • Organize and record onsite issues and corresponding resolutions
    • Create supervisor group chats to keep everyone in sync
  • Team Meetings

    Keep everyone in the loop with one-click mobile conference calling on mobile and desktop as well as through a traditional conference phone.

    • Let employees join calls right from their mobile with one tap
    • Sync work calendars to receive in-app meeting notifications
    • Follow up a conference call with notes and actions in a group message
  • Employee Engagement

    Connect everyone on the job site with each and those at the corporate office. All business functions stay informed, with no one feeling excluded from company communications.

    • Intuitive experience drives user adoption and reduces technology-related frustrations
    • Built-in accountability inspires employees to stay involved
    • Insights into communication activity give leaders an understanding of employee engagement levels

"Trying to foster engagement on a project of this magnitude quickly exposes the limitations of using traditional communication methods. Emails are easily ignored. Texting is limited to the contact numbers that are known. Phone calls often lead to a prolonged chain of communication, and job site meetings are not timely enough. We needed a centralized and streamlined process, and we turned to Zinc for the answer.

- Dave Murphy, Safety Director at Pepper Construction

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Proactively solve problems and address safety concerns

Educational Groups: Create specific training and educational groups to keep employees at the top of their game. Share tips, tricks, articles, and more to educate employees and get a conversation started on a topic. When new employees join, add them to the groups for an easy way to catch up on company tribal knowledge.

Delivery Tracking: Never lose a shipment again. Create a “Deliveries” group and instruct employees to always send a message to the group with the package description and location whenever they sign for something.

Prevent the Fatal Four: Keep employees safe with real-time safety alerts and records of on-going hazardous areas. With safety group chats, employees can be the eyes and ears by reporting incidents with photos and videos as they appear.

Powerful Construction Industry Software

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Team Messaging

Browse the company directory or search a name to start chatting with anyone at the company, no phone numbers required. Send a message to group or create your own group to talk about a certain topic.

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3rd Party Messaging

Easily add external contractors and groups to conversations using an email address. These individuals don’t need to be added to the organization, thereby restricting access to sensitive data or contact information.

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Instantly share important updates and safety alerts to workers and easily segment your audience by users, groups, and regions.


Voice & Video Calling

Easily call teammates or your manager with the click of a button. Jump on a 1:1 video call to get live support and join team conference calls with one tap.

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Cross Device Support

Connect all everyone onsite and back at the corporate office through Windows and Mac desktop apps, Android and iOS mobile apps, and on the web.

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Photo & File Sharing

Directly attach photos and videos to show what you’re seeing, all without leaving the app. When information needs to be shared broadly, easily attach files as well.