Corporate Communication Software

Combine corporate instant messaging with top-down broadcast alerts to close the gap between field teams and corporate. With access on mobile and desktop, Zinc's corporate communication tools allow you to reach the workforce in real time. Metrics show who is actively engaged so you can make impactful decisions to improve company-wide communication.

Broadcasts & Content Hub

Streamline communication between the office and the frontline

When teams use mobile devices to communicate every day on the job, they need one single application to conduct all “conversations” and stay informed and efficient. Whether sending a video message from the CEO, a new operating procedure, or an urgent safety alert, Zinc Broadcasts allow corporate teams and management to deliver timely information directly to employees.

Broadcasts are pushed out straight to employees' devices, on the same app they use to communicate every day. Real-time analytics provide unprecedented insight into content engagement, with live received and open rates. Stop wondering if people are getting your message and ensure the organization has effective internal communications.

Connect Employees

Connect everyone, from employees to external contractors to third party vendors and seasonal workers.

Share Updates

Make updates heard, whether they are safety reports, product manuals, or training materials.

Manage Content

Proactively manage content in the Admin Console to keep the Content Hub relevant.

Zinc Corporate Communication Software


Drive knowledge sharing from corporate teams and the C-suite to the front lines.

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Content Hub

Keep all your content in a place that’s easily accessible for all your workers.

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Much more than corporate instant messaging software

Reach deskless workers on the devices they use

Top-down communication is an integral part of any organization’s strategy, but when a large segment of your workforce is deskless, getting important or urgent information to the teams in real time is challenging. Traditional office-based technology like email or corporate intranets go unread, leaving deskless workers siloed from the information that can engage and inform them. In addition to feeling disconnected, they lack the real-time knowledge that can drive results. Quality, productivity, engagement, and retention are all impacted.

Ensuring deskless workers receive the top-down corporate communication they need is key to maintaining a strong frontline workforce. Enterprises must reach their deskless employees on the devices they use every day—a mobile device, not a desktop computer, through the same platform they already use for work communications. With Zinc Broadcasts, deskless workers are always connected to the important or urgent information they need to do a great job.