Targeted Employee Communication Platform

Bypass cluttered email inboxes and deliver important or urgent alerts to deskless workers en masse. Target critical information to as many or as few users as you need based on profile details such as team, role, location or work skills. Real-time engagement analytics ensure accountability across your employee communication app.

  • Share important or urgent information in real time
  • Maintain an engaged and informed workforce
  • Get instant visibility into Broadcast content engagement

As a core part of Zinc's employee messaging app, Broadcasts ensure employees stay up-to-date with the latest information on one central platform.

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Broadcast Alerts

An effective company messaging app keeps teams informed

With many corporate business messaging apps, important updates often get lost in a clutter of notifications. To instill a sense of importance or urgency, Zinc Broadcasts pop up directly on employees’ mobile devices, prompting them to read and interact with the message before continuing in the app. With Broadcasts you can:

  • Share important policy, product, and procedure updates as well as company news
  • Alert employees to time-sensitive events such as a power outage, incoming storm, or traffic advisory
  • Provide a place to refer back to the information that's useful while on the job

Keep employees safe and equipped with the latest information without ever needing to leave Zinc.

BROADCAST management

Manage Broadcasts to prevent communication overload

Leaders struggle with consistently delivering important corporate information to widely dispersed teams. Methods range from email and intranet updates to physical bulletin boards, which surprisingly, 30% of companies claim to still use.

With Zinc's team messaging app, managers can securely deliver information directly to the team chat app that employees use to get work done, as well as easily manage those communications in a central Admin Console.

  • Create Broadcasts and include relevant links, images, and videos
  • Manage Broadcast Lists and Folders to ensure the right information goes to the right people
  • Edit and expire Broadcasts to keep the Content Hub relevant for employees

Content hub

Easily access all the right information

From product operating manuals and installation guides to training materials and safety reports, Zinc gives users an easy, organized way to view relevant content assets and updates. With administration controls in the Admin Console, the Content Hub is always secure and relevant.

  • Expire and edit Broadcasts to keep the Content Hub up-to-date
  • Track who has accessed the content
  • Ensure information only goes to the correct employees

No longer do employees have to waste time searching through email or intranet postings to find the right document or piece of information. Remove day-to-day frustrations and keep teams productive with Zinc's corporate messaging app.

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Get Answers with the Mode that Works Best


1:1 and group messaging keeps everyone connected in real time.


Switch to a live 1:1 or group voice conversation and get answers fast.


Share live experiences with another team member, wherever you are.

Push to Talk

Easily start a live audio stream, just like a walkie-talkie, with any Zinc Group.

Broadcast Metrics

Get insights into your corporate communication work app

When communication happens across a variety of enterprise chat apps, important updates often go unread. With communication analytics in Zinc, you get real-time visibility into how information is received and consumed. Broadcasts Metrics show timestamped open and click-through data on each Broadcast so administrators can evaluate the effectiveness of their messages.

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Sean Jordan, Service Director

BioTek Instruments

“The team loves the app because it’s fast and easy to use. It doesn’t require knowing someone’s mobile number and there is flexibility in how you communicate. Now everyone gets the immediate help they need, and our customers are noticing."

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