Corporate Communication

Close the gap between field teams and corporate by streamlining information updates and content knowledge sharing. Quickly understand who is actively engaged so you can make impactful decisions to improve company-wide communication.

Broadcasts & Content Hub

Streamline communication between corporate and field

Whether sending a video message from the CEO, a new operating procedure, or an urgent safety alerts , Zinc Broadcasts allow corporate teams and management to deliver timely information directly to employees. Broadcasts are pushed out straight to employees' devices, on the same app they use to communicate every day. Real-time analytics provide unprecedented insight into content engagement, with live received and open rates. Stop wondering if people are getting your message.

Connect Employees

One team - from field and external contractors to third party vendors and seasonal workers.

Share Updates

Content changes - from safety reports, product manuals and training materials.

Manage Content

Proactively manage from Content Hub - publish and access content at any time.


Drive knowledge sharing from corporate teams and the C-suite to the front lines.

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Content Hub

Keep all your content in a place that’s easily accessible for all your workers.

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