Deliver timely information directly to teams

Zinc Broadcasts allows enterprises to directly communicate with teams easily and effectively. Whether team-members are busy on a job site, with a customer, or on the road, Broadcasts reach employees immediately on their mobile device, keeping them informed and engaged. Tailor content and send to only those groups that need to know, which avoids information overload and streamlines internal communications.

Teams stay informed and aligned

Consistent internal communications enables teams to feel connected, empowered and ultimately more productive. Deskless workers can often feel disconnected from important or urgent company information. Additionally, contractors and seasonal workers can be left out with limited or no access to internal systems for company updates, which negatively impacts service quality. With Broadcasts, all team members receive the same information, in a timely manner, while on the job.

Maintain Broadcasts in one central place

Enterprises struggle with consistently delivering important corporate information to widely dispersed teams. Generally, methods range from email to intranet updates, as well as bulletin boards, which surprisingly, 30% of companies claim to still use. Using Zinc Broadcasts, enterprises centrally store and securely deliver information directly to Zinc which employees already use every day to communicate with each other. Plus, the broadcast feature in the Admin Console allows management to track who’s viewed what and when, providing insights on how communication is received.

Get important insights into communication effectiveness

With a plethora of work apps on employee devices, important updates can often go unread. With Zinc's high adoption and active daily use, corporate teams can quickly see if Broadcasts are read and consumed. Administrators see the effectiveness of their top-down messages by tracking open and click through rates in the Zinc Admin Console. Easily manage and edit all Broadcasts directly inside the console to enhance the effectiveness of all messages.

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