Corporate FOMO: Is Missing Out Hurting Your Company’s Success?

We’ve all had those nights where you just can’t seem to peel yourself off the couch to go meet friends for dinner – it was a long day at work and you don’t see yourself mustering up the energy to get dressed and interact with the world beyond your living room.

At the same time, you don’t want to miss out on something fun. Ugh, you really want to eat at the place they’re going, and last week some co-workers saw Steph Curry there. You just know you’re going to wake up tomorrow, scroll through Instagram and see a half-dozen pictures documenting everything you missed.

Corporate FOMO

We all know this, of course, as FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out. That nagging bit of anxiety feeds into one of our more base instincts – we humans really like to know what’s going on in the world around us.

But FOMO isn’t limited to our personal lives. At work – and especially for companies that have deskless workers spread out over stores and job sites – missing out on what’s happening around us causes more than light anxiety.

Not knowing what’s happening in the field means you can’t fix important problems, which can lead to lost production, ill-informed employees, and unhappy customers. All of which have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. As a leader, the last thing you want is to not have the understanding and knowledge necessary to make the right calls.

Corporate FOMO is Real, and It’s Not a Good Feeling

CEOs never want to feel like they’ve been left in the dark, and neither do employees. Engaged, informed, and valued people are the path to success in any organization.

Do you know the pulse of your organization as it happens? Do you know:

  • The biggest issues your employees face each day?
  • How customers are responding to your new product or service?
  • How employees are feeling (informed, supported?)
  • How company practices and procedures are playing out?
  • How relationships with customers are developing?
  • Which goals are being met and which are at risk?
  • If training programs are working?
  • If employees have all the resources they need to get the job done?

All of these insights are highly valuable and readily available through proper communication. The problem is, how do you easily communicate with employees on any device, in any location, in a familiar way that they will engage with?

Staying In-the-Know Is a Challenge

At companies with numerous employees, departments, offices, and field teams, it’s a challenge to keep everyone connected. There’s a tendency for teams to work in silos and for information sharing to become strained.

Current technology isn’t doing much to facilitate communication among deskless workforces. Tech has historically been designed for techies, rather than for the 72 percent of the workforce who are away from a desk and often don’t even have a company email address.

While consumer messaging apps may check off the mobile aspect, they don’t provide the enterprise-grade administration, security, or top-down communication that companies need. Most importantly, they don’t offer the analytics or insights you need to relieve your Corporate FOMO.

And for those who feel covered by a myriad of apps built for desktop workers (Skype for this, Jabber for that, Jive for them) just ask your field service or hotel worker if they’ve ever actually logged on.

How to Fight FOMO

The key to fighting Corporate FOMO – and ensuring the lasting success of any business – is communication. Communication is elemental, and good communication is how you transform a business. Zinc, the only intuitive communication platform built for deskless workforces, transforms the way your organization communicates, bringing real business results along with it.

Zinc makes internal communication easy, familiar, and fast. It enables peer to peer conversations, top-down broadcasts for must-know information, and full circle insights that give you visibility into what’s actually happening in the field.

Corporate FOMO

Employees can pull their phone out of their pocket and have the entire organization supporting them through any question or problem. Field teams can collaborate using text, voice and video calling, file sharing, location sharing, and more.

Leadership and management can ensure critical information is delivered and read using top-down broadcasts that can go to specific groups or everyone at the organization. Whether a severe weather advisory or a new operating policy, broadcasts are pushed out right to your employees’ phones, allowing for truly effective top-down communication.

Most importantly, as the leader of an organization, you can truly be in-the-know. You can confidently say you know ins and out of your business and have insights into who is talking to whom, how often they are communicating, and even trending topics that arise across conversation networks. This allows leadership to proactively solve problems and support the entire company.

It’s Time to Get Plugged In

Communication can truly transform the way your business runs, with top and bottom line results to show for it. Customers like Vivint, GE, Marriott and Blueline Rentals have all seen improvements in productivity, customer service and satisfaction, and employee engagement and retention while using Zinc.  

Ready to end Corporate FOMO and see the power of communication in action? Start a free trial of Zinc today.