Making the Switch from Consumer to Enterprise-Grade

Before Zinc: Blurred lines between personal and business

Dave’s Coffee is a rapidly-growing craft coffee roaster with retail, wholesale and cafe locations. With people at multiple locations managing a variety of integrated tasks, it’s essential that the Dave’s Coffee team can coordinate instantly to satisfy customers. Early on, the team used texting to stay connected. As the team grew and diversified, it became increasingly uncomfortable for Dave’s Coffee CEO, Dave Lanning, to ask employees to share their personal phone numbers.

Dave explained, “When we were just getting started, texting was the obvious way to connect. But as our business grew, I started questioning whether texting might be too casual for business. Employees were hesitant about swapping phone numbers, and important business texts got lost among a sea of personal texts.”

Though it presented security and operational challenges, some members of the team continued to text using the consumer apps on their phones because it was simply the fastest way to get information out. Dave hoped to find a single, professional platform for his entire team to communicate, without pushing personal boundaries.

The Search: A business app that’s as easy to use as consumer apps

Around the time Dave and his team were working through the challenges of using personal numbers for texting, he read about Zinc. The benefit of separating personal and business texts was attractive, so he started using the service with his son, who also works for Dave’s Coffee. At first, the value seemed limited. Dave said, “When I was only using Zinc with my son, it seemed like simply texting with SMS or iMessage might be better than a separate app. But when I began using the service for group communication, a lightbulb went off.”

Since Dave’s Coffee staff work across two coffee bars, a roastery and a warehouse, Zinc offers convenient group communication that helps workers maximize their time and efficiency. The benefit of separating personal and work messages also increased after extending Zinc use company-wide. Dave told us, “Every time I see a push notification from Zinc, I know that means it’s business. It’s an instant way to prioritize responses. Using text message, it was much easier for those messages to get lost among my personal texts.”

The Results: Immediate value drives business results

Using a single mobile messaging app company-wide immediately impacted how the Dave’s Coffee team communicates, both in frequency and ease. “Using Zinc has given us a competitive advantage because our team is completely aligned. People on our team communicate much more than they ever did before, which makes our business move faster,” Dave explained.

He continued, “Without a formal channel for communication, team members hesitated to reach out because they thought it would be a burden. Zinc makes work communication much more conversational and informal, so whenever they need something they know they can get it quickly.”

Why They Chose Zinc

  • Separate personal and business texts
  • Keep personal phone numbers private
  • Send one-way broadcast alerts to keep staff aligned
  • Give team members faster, easier access to each other