Cutting Through the Noise to Deliver Safety Communications

Pepper Construction Cuts Through the Noise with Targeted Communications

Pepper Construction, one of the nation’s premier construction companies, is a prime example of a company that prioritizes safety and has embraced new technology to make safe workspaces a reality.

Over a year ago, Pepper Construction reached out to Zinc for a safety communication solution. They were about to embark on a large project for Rolls Royce, involving numerous subcontractors and a worksite divided by a freeway. They knew they needed a single, easy-to-use and real-time solution for communicating safety information to everyone, including subcontractors and third-party companies.

Using Zinc’s intuitive communication platform, Pepper Construction was able to communicate safety information to targeted groups as well as the entire team. By sending Broadcasts and targeted messages via Official Groups, Pepper Construction kept everyone in-the-know with constant, relevant communication.

For example, the workforce was instantly aware of any electrical work resulting in dark areas and could come prepared with headlamps or alter their plans to finish the work when lighting was back on.

This real-time communication was especially crucial for keeping everyone aware of live areas, a major life safety issue. Workers always knew about the presence of live wires and could take extra precautions to avoid injuries.

Today the job is trending at 98 percent safe with a high level of participation in the safety program. We look forward to continuing to help Pepper Construction and all subcontractors stay safe while at work.

“Communication facilitates ownership and responsibility up and down the organization. Zinc allows all stakeholders to receive the same message at the same time and in a timely fashion. While in theory, an email can do the same thing, the reality is that these days the volume of email that hits our inbox means a message could easily be missed or ignored.”

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