Dispersed Teams Stays Informed on a HIPAA Compliant Platform

Before Zinc: How Can We Securely Communicate and Avoid Information Overload?

Senergy Medical Group is a leader in the field of integrative medicine technology. Led by Scott Tennant, CEO, Senergy is the exclusive worldwide distributor of patented devices that treat chronic pain. The company has staff in different regions of the U.S., a Canadian partner, and key vendors that must stay informed so that everyone is aligned and ready to provide great customer service.

Before discovering Zinc, Senergy employees relied on email and instant messaging software to communicate across internal teams. Each group had their own preferred method, with the only common tool being email. Hundreds of emails daily and thousands a week were what it took to keep all employees on the same page. Whether working from a desk or on the go, inboxes were constantly overflowing.

The sheer volume of email made it hard to keep track of information and didn’t provide a way to organize content and action items around projects, events, and customers. As a result of the never-ending information overload, action items would slip through the cracks and important news was hard to separate from regular updates. And because of the organization’s fast pace, this ineffective way of communicating was impacting efficiency and productivity.

The Discovery: A HIPAA Compliant Platform for Internal Communications

When looking for a better way to solve Senergy’s internal communication challenges, Haley Hillton, EVP at Senergy, identified three must-have features:

  • Real-time messaging so everyone could instantly convey information
  • A way to organize conversations around specific topics with only those that need-to-know or be involved, and sometimes on an ad hoc basis
  • HIPAA compliance to protect the privacy of sensitive information that Senergy inevitably handles.

In the search for a new HIPAA compliant communication solution, Haley found Zinc. Impressed by the intuitiveness of the app, a central Administration Console, and numerous communication ‘modes’ to choose from, Haley saw the potential for Zinc to transform internal communications at Senergy.
After a successful pilot, Haley rolled out Zinc to all employees as the standard for communication. “I couldn’t believe how much faster employees responded. Even our reluctant new tech adopters were jumping on Zinc,” said Haley.

The Result: In-The-Know Employees Who Communicate at the Speed of Business

With everyone quickly on-boarded, communication and collaboration went from being a time-suck to being a driver of productivity, which ultimately translated to higher customer satisfaction.

“Users across the organization love Zinc because of how easy and real-time it is. We can now chat, share a file, paste info from other business apps, and more, all in one place. Simply put, Zinc improves communication and makes real-time knowledge sharing a reality. Employees are no longer sent information that is irrelevant to them and at the same time, no one feels excluded,” explained Haley.

Today, Senergy uses Zinc to handle all peer-to-peer and much of the top-down communication. Whether sharing reports or troubleshooting a repair, Senergy teams use Zinc group chats to get the right information to the right people, instantly. And in terms of email overload, that’s a thing of the past. “I seldom use email for internal purposes anymore. In fact, I would like to eradicate it from internal communications here at Senergy,” said Haley.

How Zinc Has Made an Impact

  • Improved Productivity: Conversations and projects are now organized into Official Groups, making it easier to find information, collaborate, and get work done.
  • Greater Efficiency: Information is shared in real time, allowing everyone at the organization to move at a fast pace.
  • No More Wasted Time: The number of internal emails has been significantly reduced, cutting down on information overload and freeing up countless hours each week
  • More Connected Culture: Employees are always in the know and no one feels excluded from what’s happening at the company.