Prioritize Safety with an Effective Employee Notification System

Respond Faster: Use our employee notification system to Broadcasts critical information to employees, no matter if they are on desktop or mobile.

Deliver Targeted Messages: Keep the right employee abreast of critical information with targeted messages segmented by department, location, group, or list.

Cut Through the Noise: Reach employees on the app they use every day to get work done. With our employee messaging app, Broadcasts take over the screen, forcing employees to engage before resuming in the app.

Get Real-Time Visibility: Immediately see who has read and interacted with Broadcast messages from the Admin Console. Follow up with employees who haven’t engaged.

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Real-Time Emergency Notification System

Mobile safety apps are crucial to mitigate crises and keep employees safe during emergency situations. Real-time updates with an employee notification system make all the difference.

  • Broadcasts
  • Group Messaging
  • Analytics
  • Broadcasts

    Zinc Broadcasts allow companies to send emergency alerts keeping employees safe and in-the-know. After an alert is sent, Broadcast metrics show who has read and clicked on the message.

    • Share timely or urgent information through an amber-alert style push notification
    • Employees must read and click to continue using Zinc
    • Link to reference content when necessary

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  • Group Messaging

    Use Zinc’s powerful group functionality to let employees be the eyes and ears of the organization.

    • Create emergency notification groups so employees can report what they see
    • Deliver information in real-time and elevate to a call when needed
    • Respond immediately when employees are in need

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  • Analytics

    Identify who has received, read, and interacted with messages and follow up if necessary.

    • Dashboard metrics show who has read and clicked through Broadcasts
    • Conversation analytics reveal who has seen a message
    • Engagement reports reveal when users were last active

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Connect with the ones you protect

Employees receive more messages, emails, and notifications than ever before, and at the same time are distributed more widely across the globe. The number of remote employees, deskless workers, and third-party contractors working within organizations continues to rise. As this shift towards a mobile workforce takes place, employees need to be informed and safe, no matter where they are located. Zinc is an easy-to-use employee notification app and communication platform that makes workplace communication faster and more effective than ever before.

  • Employees create Ad-hoc groups to discuss an emergency situation as it unfolds.
  • Admins create an Official Group as well as Broadcast information to ensure everyone involved has up-to-date, accurate information.
  • Employees use messaging, push to talk, and phone or video calls to get immediate insight into a situation and know the facts.

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Is it time for a communication app audit?

How many communication and collaboration apps do you have? Maybe Skype, WhatsApp, Slack, Chatter or Yammer? All of these choices can be quite confusing, often resulting in low adoption. Not to mention the fact that you’re most likely overpaying.

Watch this webcast replay to learn how to effectively meet the communication requirements of different functions and departments. We’ll demonstrate how an All Mode Communication Platform and employee notification system can be trusted by the enterprise AND loved by users!

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Loved By Users. Trusted by the Enterprise.

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Intuitive User Experience

Zinc is clean, modern and behaves like any consumer messaging app that employees are used to. This easy-to-use interface drives high adoption, especially for deskless workers.


Platform Integrations

Integrations with key applications such as Box, Google Drive, DropBox, Sharepoint, Salesforce, and GE ServiceMax bring context to conversations.

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Cross Device Support

Connect all field service departments through Windows and Mac desktop apps, Android and iOS mobile apps, and on the web.

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Security and Privacy

Encryption in transit and at rest keeps data secure and multi-factor authentication ensures only current employees have access.

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Central Administration

Tiered access within the Admin Console lets you manage the company directory, create Official Groups and Broadcast lists, edit Broadcast content, and set user roles and permissions.

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Conversation Analytics

Robust communication analytics uncover user activity levels, communication networks, hot topics, preferred communication modes, responsiveness to top-down updates, other patterns and trends.

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What Customers Are Saying

"Zinc promotes transparency and encourages everyone to be aware of their role in the project as a whole. "

- Dave Murphy, Pepper Construction

"Zinc helps our service teams cut through the noise to make sure we get the job done. Zinc is concise, fast and easy communication."

- Sean Jordan, BioTek Instruments