Enhanced Broadcast Capabilities Help You Manage Top-Down Messages at Scale

Product Update!

Top-down communication refers to all the messages and information that flows down through an organization’s formal chain of command or hierarchical structure. Traditionally, organizations have tried to send top-down communications with email lists, bulletin boards, internal meetings or even phone trees. For deskless workers, these methods just don’t work, resulting in them usually feeling left out, or the “last to know”.

Zinc Broadcasts have helped deskless organizations streamline this flow of information by easily and quickly putting the right information into the hands of the employees who need to know it the most. It’s proven to be very effective for managers who need to quickly and easily relay important information to their deskless teams.

And now we are excited to release the latest updates to our Broadcast functionality. Users now have more flexibility in how they send Broadcasts and who they can send broadcasts to.

Introducing All Organization Access

Organization administrators can now optionally grant team members and Broadcasters permission to Broadcast to any Official Group or folder without needing to be an administrator of that group first. With All Organization Access, Broadcasters can quickly search and find all the Official Groups in their organization, getting the right information to the right people seamlessly.

This Broadcast enhancement has also been added to the Zinc mobile apps to ensure the deskless workers at your organization have the same functionalities as their desk-based counterparts.

Zinc Admin Console, broadcast
Zinc Admin Console

The Admin Console Broadcast Composer

We’ve also updated the Admin Console to make it even easier to send Broadcasts. You can now immediately send Broadcasts using the green Broadcast Composer button rather than having to first choose an Official Group, user, or list to send to. Easily search for recipients just like you do when sending a 1:1 or group messages.

Broadcast Composer
Broadcast Composer

To learn more about all our new enhancements, please visit our Help Center here.



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