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Enterprise chat software is a must for remote and field workers, but it's often clunky and hard to use, leading to low adoption. Zinc's simple and intuitive design removes this barrier and creates a seamless experience for employees. Enterprise-trusted, Zinc is engineered for scale with the security and privacy that businesses need to stay compliant.

Loved by users. Trusted by the enterprise.

Security and privacy are steadfast requirements for any enterprise software, but when it comes to rolling out enterprise instant messaging solutions, it can be hard to drive adoption. If the app isn't as intuitive and sleek as the consumer apps employees are used to, they simply don’t use it and continue chatting over an unsecured app. While this poses a large security risk, companies tend to turn a blind eye for the sake of having teams connected and working efficiently.

But what if you didn’t have to risk data security and noncompliance? What if you could have the security, privacy, and scalability that are standard for an IT-approved software, as well as a dead-simple interface that employees love using? That's where Zinc comes in, combining the best of enterprise messaging apps with the best of consumer apps. Zinc protects, scales and truly enhances an organization’s communication strategy in a way that is easy for every employee to use—whether remote, on the go, or at a desk.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance ensures that healthcare organizations are protecting patient data and not liable for legal repercussions.

Security and Privacy

Encryption in transit and at rest keeps data secure and multi-factor authentication ensures only current employees have access.

Ownership of Data

Own and control all data. Set data management policies, recover archived data, and be sure that no outside parties have any access.

Consumer apps are a ticking time bomb.

When managers allow their service technicians to use WhatsApp for communicating at work, it's a risk. There are no access and administrative controls that allow admin to manage communications and ensure only the right people have the right permissions. Employees that have tribal knowledge to share can only talk to the people whose numbers they know. And when an employee leaves the company, their conversations move with them. In Zinc, all of the communication data belongs to the organization. Consumer chat apps are not an option, but poor communication doesn't have to be either.

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Enterprise Chat Software Means You're in Charge

With central administration, users are easily provisioned and entire teams are up and running in seconds. By syncing with Microsoft Active Directory, your Zinc employee directory is always up to date. Integrations with enterprise file sharing solutions like Box and Google Drive ensure your teams have access to the information and resources they need to be successful. Encryption and a wide range of certifications ensure that your data is safe. With access through all devices, on any network or over WiFi, Zinc makes it easy for teams to stay connected.

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With data encryption in transit and at rest, custom privacy, and flexible data retention settings, teams on-board quickly and IT is assured of scale and ease of admin.

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From managing communication data to setting user privileges and multi-factor authentication, Zinc provides robust privacy features for the enterprise.

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Stay compliant across a variety of globally-known and trusted security standards, including SOC 2 Type II, ACE, TrustE, and more.

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Zinc isn't you're average enterprise messenger.

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