Broad Application Integrations Enhance Communications

From sharing files to scheduling meetings, Zinc has built-in integrations with multiple application vendors so you continue to communicate and seamlessly share information without ever leaving Zinc. Don’t see a specific app integration? Easily configure notification bots to pull in the data to share across teams.

Notification Bots

Automatically post weather reports, safety alerts or updated schedules

Zinc’s notification bots allow users to set up instant alerts that go directly to Zinc Groups. Share daily weather reports and notify teams of any updates that historically come through email. Save time and eliminate the need to check any other communication apps by pushing data directly to Zinc Groups.

File Management

Access and share content files, directly from Zinc

Because Zinc integrates with a wide range of online content collaboration providers including Box, Dropbox and Google Drive, files are securely stored and available online. Access and share content files whenever needed, without leaving Zinc.


Easily forward emails to a Zinc Group

Connect to the enterprise mail client and have emails synced to Zinc. Need to send Zinc message histories to someone via email? With integration to the mail client, export Zinc conversation transcripts directly to email. Plus, connect to the calendar so that schedule notifications are sent to Zinc and employees stay constantly updated and informed.

Sales Tools and Project Management

Share important information about customers and projects

With integration, quickly start a conversation about an account or opportunity with the account team, easily adding others to the conversation. For ongoing projects or new ones, connect to Sharepoint for project updates that can be viewed in app, saving time and boosting productivity.

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