Control and Customize Privacy Settings

Zinc gives administrators full control with customizable management options for business data and security features, turned on by default. From managing communication data to setting user privileges and multi-factor authentication, Zinc provides robust privacy features for the enterprise.

Set Data Management Policies That Fit Enterprise Needs

Administrators control what data management policy works best for the enterprise. Determine timeframes for retaining messages in order to have a reliable record for future analysis or search. Utilize the option to export conversations before they are permanently deleted, or wipe them clean on a scheduled basis with Zinc Clear.

By creating group-level policies, admins can segregate the information available to specific users based on their roles, location, shifts, etc., so only those that need to be part of the group can see the information.

Log in with Secure Multi-factor Authentication

Zinc uses device-specific, single-use authentication codes to sign in, providing enhanced security over user-generated passwords. Zinc systems support SAML 2.0 based SSO for direct authentication with MS Active Directory, or other compatible services such as Okta.

Manage User Access and Usage from Anywhere

With contractors, vendors and of course employees at the organization, it’s important to easily and securely provision platform access as the workforce changes. Zinc allows administrators to easily add, remove, and manage users from the Admin Console, with the added ability to quickly identify active or inactive users. Automate user and group provisioning with full user and group sync over SCIM to external directories like Active Directory.