Secure communications across the enterprise.

Zinc is purpose-built for secure enterprise chat and communications while maintaining a modern, mobile-first architecture. Zinc delivers enterprise-grade encryption in transit and at rest and partners with the most trusted security and infrastructure providers to provide scale and reliability for teams around the globe.

Data Encryption

Zinc encrypts data in transit and at rest using AES 256-bit with perfect forward secrecy key exchange. Data storage and processing are performed on independent, fully monitored servers.

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Data Center Security

Offsite ISO 27001 compliant data centers provide full-time on-site security personnel, round the clock video surveillance, strict physical access controls and detailed visitor entry logs.

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Customer Data Security

At Zinc, all customer data is treated as confidential, using advanced inbound and outbound network traffic filtering to protect against data leakage. Production data is never used outside its environment.

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Application Security

Zinc is engineered following secure development best practices with reviews incorporated throughout the design, prototyping and deployment phases.

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