Even I Was Surprised; 2016 Customer Survey Results

I knew that our customers were happy, I knew they were seeing results, and I knew that we handle relatively few issues in our support organization. What I didn’t know was how the power of better communication across mobile and desktop workers was impacting the actual business. So we decided to find out in a customer survey.

The results from our October customer survey surprised even us. We surveyed managers, admins, and users broadly. Every single user at every single customer. We were thrilled with the response rate, and even more thrilled with what you told us:

On average:

  • Employees feel 75% more connected to their company, team and co-workers, and report a 58% improvement in their job satisfaction
  • Managers feel culture is strongly influenced by good communication. Zinc provides a 63% improvement in company culture and a 42% increase in employee retention 
  • Leadership and frontline staff are more aligned with a reported 65% increase in visibility into what’s going on at the field level
  • Admins report a 57% improvement in the security of corporate data
  • And perhaps most important, mobile workers report completing work 63% more quickly and efficiently and a 60% increase in their ability to deliver better customer service 

We also learned a few other things. One is that there are some features you asked for in the product that are already there! To help you out, we created this special Tips & Tricks post.

Personally, I am so proud of the impact Zinc is making on a segment of the workforce that has often been neglected by technology. We’ll keep asking, so please keep the input and feedback coming. It’s how we will continue to deliver a solution that helps you drive tangible business results!