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Zinc brings together the fast, easy and feature-rich user experience that deskless and mobile workers enjoy, with the security, compliance and administrative controls that enterprises require.

Zinc Brings All Your Communication Needs Together No Alt Tag

Group Messaging

Know when messages are delivered and seen.

Keep everyone in the loop and increase accountability. Make groups for departments, projects, office locations or anything your team needs to coordinate around. See when messages are delivered and who's seen them, in real time.

Group Messaging

Voice & Video Calling

Call across the world, no long distance charges.

No more swapping phone numbers or searching for dial-in codes. With VoIP and video calling from desktop or mobile, you can have face-to-face conversations wherever you are.

Launch one-tap global conference calls with up to 1,000 participants.

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Photos & Files

Send photos and files instantly

With a built-in camera, Zinc lets you snap a photo or shoot a video the moment something happens. Drag-and-drop files from desktop to mobile.

Zinc Makes Sharing a File as Easy as Sharing a Photo

Administrative Tools

Manage employee access and secure company data.

Put Zinc to work for your business with military-grade encryption, custom privacy and data retention settings, user access management and mass notifications.

Zinc Provides Simple-Yet-Powerful Administrative Tools


Push information to individuals, teams or company-wide instantly.

Get above the day to day chatter of group conversation with Zinc Broadcasts. Deliver timely information and alerts directly to employees, with real-time analytics on received and open rates. 

Deliver Timely Information Instantly with Zinc Broadcasts

Voice Messages

Say it and play it.

Sometimes you just don't have the time to type it all out. When you're on the go or have a lot more to say, record a voice message instead.

Zinc Voice Messages
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Never miss a message.

Zinc messages are intelligently routed to mobile push, desktop notifications or email. Muting controls let you manage notifications to reduce noise without missing anything important.

Zinc android notifications

Location Sharing

Easily send a map 
of any location.

With location sharing you can suggest a meeting spot,  get directions and instantly update colleagues on where you are with just a few taps.

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