Field Productivity Just Got Better with Integrated Communication

*Editors note: On of Feb 26, 2019, ServiceMax acquired Zinc to become the first Service Execution Management vendor to offer real-time communication.

Zinc Now Integrated with ServiceMax to Power Contextual Conversations

Back in the day, when I was studying computer science, one of the most fascinating courses was designing operating systems. I mean, aren’t operating systems core to all productivity in today’s digital world? One of the design aspects – context switching – caught my attention. Here’s why: the efficiency of an operating system is determined by how few times a process needs to switch context in the current execution queue. Each time a process moves from the execution state to the wait queue, the operating system incurs a productivity cost.

Alright, I admit it. I was a geek in my earlier life, but I also love human psychology! And it’s fascinating to me that the human mind also loses the ability to comprehend things well if the mind needs to think of too many things (or contexts for that matter) to get something done.

Fast forward 20 years, I realize that the same concept is true in field service! When technicians leverage the ServiceMax mobile app to access work order, contacts, products and service history information, they are much more productive and efficient if all the relevant information needed is in front of them, in the current context. Conversely, if they need to switch multiple screens to complete a single transaction, it introduces the probability of delays or manual errors.

So, we can argue that achieving high levels of technician productivity is all about context—when you streamline how work gets done, productivity levels rise. It’s also all about relevance—being able to initiate conversations related to that specific work order, account, or product installed reduces noise and friction.

ServiceMax provides all the work order info you need, but when you run into an issue, you need answers—and you need them fast. Imagine the value of being able to collaborate with your team via video calls, group text messages and shared documents—with all the relevant work order information visible for that conversation. A breakthrough experience like this can tremendously improve first-time fix rates and reduce servicing times. This is a win-win for technicians and service organizations.

Today, I am extremely excited to announce that ServiceMax, the leading field service management platform, has joined forces with Zinc, the leading Real-Time Communication Platform, to deliver this integrated communication experience. By tying contextual communications to work orders, service times improve, knowledge is leveraged more efficiently, and work orders move through the billing cycle faster. Thus, the ServiceMax and Zinc joint solution connects technicians in real time with the people, knowledge, and resources necessary for high levels of performance and engagement.

Zinc and Predix ServiceMax provide integrated communication
Gaurav Verma, Senior Product Marketing Manager at ServiceMax

Obviously, you would be curious to know more about the integration, the use cases, and the business impact that can be achieved. Feel free to watch the recorded webinar here, where Scott Ewart, Product Manager at Zinc, and I discuss:

  • How to initiate secure Zinc conversations from ServiceMax
  • How to view the work order information directly in Zinc
  • What specific use-cases make an impact on business metrics

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