Field Service Management

Keep Field Service Teams In-the-Know, Engaged and Productive

Field service organizations have many moving parts, but above all, providing extraordinary customer service is key. Equip your field service team with a real-time communication platform to make an immediate impact on performance. Techs will:

  • Coordinate with dispatch easier and solve issues faster
  • Build team camaraderie regardless of location
  • Stay on top of deliverables like training certifications and mileage reports

With Zinc's All Mode Communication Platform, you connect off-site workers with office teams, ensure tribal knowledge is shared, keep teams aware of safety hazards, and drive increased productivity, engagement and retention. Add Zinc to your field service management software mix.

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Focus on What Matters for Your Off Site Workers

Give your field service management software efforts a boost with Zinc's enterprise communication app. From any device, field teams are connected to the people, knowledge, and, resources they need to succeed.

  • Team Performance
  • Field Visibility
  • Team Building
  • Easy Reminders
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Team Performance

    Improve technician performance through real-time interactions with managers, team members, and other departments who have the answers techs need.

    • Cut out cross-departmental communication wait times, reducing on-site job duration
    • Connect technicians with the experts who can help, improving first-time fix rates
    • Streamline tech to dispatch communication, reducing response times
    • Uncover and resolve common issues and training needs
  • Field Visibility

    Know what’s happening in the field using Zinc’s Communication Analytics. Our field service report software reveals communication activity within Zinc, including group creation and growth, user activity levels, and network mapping.

    • Stay involved in Official Groups to know what techs are talking about
    • Monitor Ad Hoc group creation to see trending topics
    • Track user activity and visualize communication patterns
  • Team Building

    Enhance team culture by strengthening relationships between technicians and managers, no matter how far apart teams are located. Create a culture of connectivity that drives engagement and retention.

    • Let technicians see they have the support of the entire organization behind them
    • Celebrate wins together in team group chats and conference calls
    • Create connections and memories through regional, national and global groups
  • Easy Reminders

    Reduce dreaded busy work and streamline paperwork-related processes with instant check-ins and status updates.

    • Use Broadcasts to remind technicians to complete training and other actions
    • Reach out with an instant message to prompt action
    • Instantly confirm requirements are completed with photo evidence, rather than logging into an online portal to confirm
  • Knowledge Sharing

    Capture and leverage tribal knowledge so that new technicians can be brought up to speed quickly and to prevent the same problems from recurring.

    • Utilize the knowledge veteran technicians have in Help and Q&A chats
    • Reference message histories to see what transpired at a customer site
    • Alert all technicians to new or corrected installation procedures to prevent repeated questions and errors
    • Leverage Zinc’s field service management software integrations to communicate in the context  of work orders

Service Team Communication

Create an extraordinary customer experience

With Zinc, the whole team stays in touch. Whether you are driving to your next customer site, climbing up a ladder or handling a customer issue, you can constantly communicate with off-site employees to complete work in the most efficient way. Designed for ease-of-use, Zinc's field service solution lets you get the job done faster.

  • Send a message or a picture
  • Find the team member who has the exact product knowledge you need
  • Go hands-free with a Bluetooth device

Forget the awkward wait times at the customer site and always deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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Every Mode So You’re Ready for Any Situation

Easily jump between modes so you can quickly resolve customer problems as they arise.

  • Troubleshoot
  • Find Parts
  • Adjust Your Schedule
  • Access Information
  • Impress Customers
  • Troubleshoot

    Troubleshoot in real time with anyone in your organization who can help. Whether in an Official Group or Hotline Group, there is always someone there to help.

    • Send a message to the relevant Hotline Group to get an expert answer immediately
    • Send a picture or video of what you’re seeing
    • Jump on a phone or video call for a live walkthrough (or talk through)
  • Find Parts

    Reach out to nearby technicians in your region with easy location sharing to set up a part delivery.

    • Find nearby techs by sharing your exact location
    • Arrange a meet-up to get the part you need
    • No longer reschedule customer visits due to missing parts
  • Adjust Your Schedule

    Forget the days of logging onto a laptop or waiting on hold to contact dispatch when your schedule needs to change.

    • Instantly notify dispatch when a job is going to be ahead or behind schedule
    • Coordinate new routes when traffic or customer issues arise
    • Get more done in a day, or even wrap up early
  • Access Information

    No more having to search through emails, intranet postings, and workflow apps to find the information you need. It’s all integrated into Zinc and easy to find.

    • Browse your Broadcast feed to find important information
    • Attach work orders and other documents to messages
    • Scroll through message histories to remember past solutions
    • Review conversations connected to Predix ServiceMax work orders, accounts, and installed products
  • Impress Customers

    Impress your customers with quick and expert service with help from a professional, real-time communication app.

    • Resolve issues and complete jobs faster than before
    • Communicate on a professional business platform, rather than a consumer app
    • Never worry that the customer thinks you’re having personal conversations while on the job

Vivint boosts field service quality and employee engagement

Vivint Smart Home is a leading smart home services provider based in Utah that is solving the communication conundrum for its 1,000 field technicians. The company rolled out Zinc's secure messaging platform to improve messaging visibility, and provide valuable efficiency and customer service benefits. Since deploying Zinc's service industry software, Vivint has seen a

  • 50% increase in employee engagement
  • 37% reduction in time to service
  • 23% reduction in returns of installs
  • 13% reduction in second visits

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The Tools Field Service Orgs Need

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Browse the company directory, search by name, or search profile details to start an Ad Hoc group with anyone at the company, no phone numbers required.



Easily call teammates or your manager with the click of a button. Jump on a 1:1 video call to get live support and join team conference calls with one tap.


File Sharing

Directly attach files to group chats to make information sharing easy. When troubleshooting, send photos and videos to show what you’re seeing, all without leaving the app.

engagement/ conversation/ icon

Central Administration

Tiered access to the Admin Console ensures the right people have the administrative rights necessary to best manage team communication.


Critical App Integrations

Integrations with “run-the-business” applications including Box, Google Drive, DropBox, Sharepoint, Salesforce, and GE ServiceMax bring context to conversations.

computer desktop/tablet/icon

Cross Device Support

Connect all departments through Windows and Mac desktop apps, Android and iOS mobile apps, and on the web.

What Customers Are Saying

"Collectively, we’ve seen our time to service — the ability to get to the customer quickly when they call — drop by 37 percent in the past year. We’ve also seen a reduction of 13 percent in service returns or second visits to complete a job. "

- Brett Barborka, Vivint Smart Home

"With Zinc, we resolve critical issues faster, office based members of the service department instantly communicate with the field thanks to desktop apps, and our service teams quickly communicate and collaborate without having to switch between several apps."

- Sean Jordan, BioTek Instruments

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