Improve the Guest Experience with Real-Time Communication

The hospitality industry is highly competitive and improving the guest experience remains the single biggest competitive advantage. All staff, from the back of the house to customer-facing teams, must go above and beyond to create a memorable experience for every guest. With Zinc, every employee is seamlessly connected to provide an extraordinary experience.

  • Push to Talk with Bluetooth integrations
  • Group and 1:1 Messaging
  • Voice and Video Calls and One-click Conference Calls
  • One-to-Many Broadcasts

Ditch the Walkie Talkie
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Make an Impact with All Mode Software

  • Response Times
  • Service Tickets
  • Timely Alerts
  • Emergency Resolution
  • Response Times

    Improve AYS response times with real-time coordination through various communication modes so that guest requests are completed efficiently.

    • Use cross-functional groups to send photos and locations of tray pick up
    • Coordinate among teams to ensure action is taken
    • Cultivate strong relationships between teams such as IRD and Housekeeping, and Front Office and Room Controllers
  • Service Tickets

    Create conversations around service tickets and bring in the relevant team members to efficiently work through action items.

    • All employees monitor the property and report issues to maintenance/engineering
    • When an issue is found, send a picture or video along with the location to notify engineering
    • Providing this context allows engineers to know exactly what tools to bring to avoid wasted time
  • Timely Alerts

    Broadcasts inform all or a specific group of employees about important or urgent updates and require users to interact with the message before continuing in Zinc.

    • When a VIP guest is arriving, broadcast a VIP alert complete with photos and need-to-know information to all staff
    • When a regularly scheduled all-hands meeting needs to change, broadcast the new information and ensure that no one wastes time going to a canceled meeting
    • View Broadcast analytics to see who has read and interacted with the message and follow up with those who haven’t engaged, if necessary
  • Emergency Resolution

    With PTT, broadcasts, and group messaging, security teams can quickly respond to time-sensitive situations and easily inform all staff who need to be aware of what’s going on.

    • Use Push to talk to discreetly coordinate and handle sensitive situations
    • Use Official Groups to document actions taken and create a timestamped record of what happened
    • Broadcast summaries and updates to other employees who are need-to-know so they can quickly reference it at a later date

Push to Talk

Alert everyone in real-time with live streamed Push to Talk conversations to quickly mitigate emergency situations.


Connect housekeeping and the front desk staff with 1:1 and group messaging to expedite rooms release for faster guest check-in.


Instantly send VIP alerts as well as other important or urgent information using Zinc Broadcasts.

Product Demo

“Instead of dreading my overflowing inbox at the end of the day, I notice that the quick, easy conversations have moved into Zinc. Plus, it’s easier to share creative ideas and institutional knowledge.”

- Anderson Foote, Rooms Manager, Hyatt

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