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Track the Communication “Pulse” at Your Org

When you are responsible for informing employees about company news, whether significant or minor, getting attention is essential. Let’s face it, email goes unread and intranets are just virtual bulletin boards that don’t get visited very often. This leaves employees, especially remote and deskless ones, in the dark.

Zinc Broadcasts allows a content push, directly to employees’ devices so critical information is received and read in a timely way. Avoid information overload by only sharing content with the groups that are need-to-know. Use Zinc's Admin Console to track exactly who has read and interacted with content. When employees rely on Zinc to communicate every day, all communications, including those from HR become a priority.

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HR Communication Platform That Drives Engagement

  • Send Alerts
  • Reduce Information Overload
  • Get Insights
  • Strengthen Culture
  • Send Alerts

    Broadcast information, updates, and reminders directly to employees on the app they use for everyday work communications.

    • Send a Broadcast to alert employees to important or timely info
    • Target Broadcasts so they only go to relevant employees
    • Hyperlink content for quick access
  • Reduce Information Overload

    Remove clutter from the company information feed and target top-down Broadcasts so they go only to the relevant teams, departments, regions, or employees.

    • Manage the broadcast feed to keep info relevant
    • Expire Broadcasts that are no longer relevant
    • Edit Broadcasts when details change
    • Track top performing Broadcasts
  • Get Insights

    Log into the Admin Console to see who has and has yet to read the latest Broadcasts. Drill down and reach out again if employees aren’t engaging.

    • View open and click-through rates on Broadcasts
    • Identify employees who are disengaged with content
    • Follow up with disengaged employees
  • Strengthen Culture

    Keep all employees in the loop and let employees know HR cares about their job satisfaction and wellbeing.

    • Keep employees in-the-know on the devices they use
    • Give employees a voice in feedback groups
    • Encourage social connections in Ad Hoc groups

Learn how to capitalize on the best of all generations

As a demographic shift takes place in the workplace, it’s more important than ever for companies to find effective ways for different generations to communicate and share ideas. With each generation's differing communication preferences and technology comfort levels, there is natural friction that occurs. In this eBook, you'll learn how to best manage this friction in order to capitalize on the best of all generations.

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What Customers Are Saying

"This visibility and engagement make it easier to give recognition to employees and celebrate wins. Doing these things helps drive our culture and helps our employees know their voices are being heard."

- Brett Barborka, Vivint Smart Home

"We worked really hard to find a platform that would make it easy for us to manage how we wanted to communicate with our employees, and we found Zinc. With the help of Zinc, we've completely transformed our communications and our culture."

- Asterios Satrazemis, BlueLine Rental

Proactively Curb Employee Turnover

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Intuitive User Experience

Zinc is clean, modern and behaves like any consumer messaging app that employees are used to. This easy-to-use interface drives high adoption, especially for deskless workers, who often miss out on HR communications.

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Instantly share important updates and reminders as well as safety alerts to employees and easily segment your audience by users, groups, departments, and regions.

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Conversation Analytics

View open and click-through rates on your Broadcasts in the Zinc Admin Console. Identify employees who have not interacted with the message and follow up with a message or call if necessary.

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Cross Device Support

Connect all employees through Windows and Mac desktop apps, Android and iOS mobile apps, and on the web. No matter what device they use, they’ll feel connected to the organization.

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