Business Functions

With real-time access to communication on mobile, Mac or Windows, and easy user management through the Admin Console, Zinc is the go-to platform across roles and functions.

Field Service Management

Keep Teams In-the-Know, Engaged and Productive

Reduce wasted time on the job by getting answers quickly. Provide access to critical content and streamline communication. Keep teams fully in-sync using All Modes:

  • Ensure tribal knowledge is easily shared among technicians
  • Promote communication between field and call center
  • Uncover and quickly resolve common issues and training needs
  • Leverage all modes, including video and group calling, for effective management
  • Broadcast urgent safety issues and important operational updates
  • Monitor communication trends and patterns among teams
  • Drive engagement, retention with a culture of connectedness.

Field Service Technicians

Communicate & Collaborate in Real-Time

With Zinc, the whole team stays in touch. Whether you are driving to your next customer site, climbing up a ladder or busy handling a customer issue, you can constantly communicate to complete work in the most efficient way. Get the job done faster by:

  • Quickly identify techs that have the knowledge, or a part you need
  • Leverage groups to find the right person to help solve an issue
  • Go hands-free in order to follow along live with installation instructions
  • Use video and group calling to troubleshoot a problem
  • Search through a content feed to quickly find information.

Internal Communications

Be Heard and Track the Communication “Pulse”

When you are responsible for informing employees about company news, big and small, getting attention is essential. Let’s face it: email goes unread and intranets are just virtual bulletin boards that don’t get visited very often, which leaves your organization in the dark and disconnected.

Zinc’s Broadcasts feature allows you to push content directly to employees’ devices so you can be sure critical information is received and read. Avoid information overload by only sharing content with the groups that are need-to-know. Log into the Admin Console to track exactly who has read and interacted with your content. When employees rely on Zinc to communicate every day, all communications, including those from corporate become a priority.

Information Technology (IT)

Enterprise-Grade, Yet Easy to Deploy

Known for impressively high adoption rates, Zinc’s sleek and intuitive interface coincides with fast implementation and scaling across the entire organization. With Zinc you get:

  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance, including HIPAA and Soc II
  • Access on all devices, including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows,& Chrome
  • Control by integrating with Active Directory and permissions
  • Easy to manage groups, messages, and more via the Admin Console
  • Integrations with other apps like Salesforce and Box.


Stay Connected to Employees on the Front Lines

To streamline operations, ensure important KPIs are met, and ultimately improve top and bottom-lines, you need insights into your employee communications. With Zinc you can:

  • Drive important business objectives like customer sat, time to service and revenue
  • Assess conversation networks to see communication gaps
  • Monitor trending topics to uncover weak points in the business
  • Launch initiatives to address company culture
  • Cultivate employee engagement across geographies
  • Recognize and award star employees.