Introducing Searchable User Profiles in Zinc

Searchable User Profiles Make Finding the Right Colleague a Snap

Ever wished you knew just a little bit more about someone you’re talking with? Maybe you want to know which office they work from, or which department they’re in, or what exactly their title is. Or maybe you just want to know what their areas of expertise are so that you know how much background to give them when asking a question. Now you can with Zinc User Profiles!

Configure profiles to have all the information that’s relevant for your organization. Anything from a person’s job title to a list of their work skills can be attached to their Zinc profile and found through search or a simple tap on the person’s avatar.

Rich profile information helps people get to know their teammates better, which not only greases the wheels for communication but also helps everyone feel more connected.


Iphone device showing Zinc app/ iPhone X User ProfilesWhen you work at a large organization it can be hard to find the right person to talk to. Sometimes you have a specific person in mind and you know their department and title, but you can’t quite remember their name. Other times you know the kind of person you want to talk with, say the IT manager in the Seattle office, but you have no idea what their name is—you just need to talk with whoever it is who’s in that role!

Zinc User Profiles are fully searchable so you can easily find people by name as well as by properties like title, department, or office. You don’t have to take the time to look them up in the old employee directory. You can find whoever you’re looking for right in Zinc before sending them a text or adding them to a conversation.


In complex organizations making sure the right people have the right information can be a challenge. Sending a new operating policy to all forklift operators typically might involve finding and extracting a list of certified forklift operators from an HR system, copying and pasting a lot of email addresses, and hoping that people will notice and read your email. Or you might push out the memo to everyone in the org, whether or not they’re a forklift operator. But if you do that too many times you’ll just train people to ignore these kinds of messages, since so many of them won’t be relevant.

Zinc User Profiles let you broadcast messages to just the right people. From the broadcast composer, you can search for any custom property value, like “forklift operator.” The people you need to reach will get your message right away. Everyone else can happily go about their day.


Zinc now also lets you slice and dice analytics reports by custom user profile properties. You can drill in to just see analytics reports for the region or team you’re interested in. Plus, you can see how communication patterns among top-performing teams are different from those lagging behind. Or you can see whether or not senior technicians really are helping their junior peers.

Zinc’s new custom User Profiles not only help teams stay more connected and share knowledge more effectively, they also make it easier for leaders to get more powerful insights into how their teams are working together.

*Interested in having User Profiles added to your Zinc instance? Contact the team to get started.


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