Improve Operational Efficiency

Real-Time Communication For Deskless Workforces

When service can have a direct impact on your customer’s business, as well as your bottom line, it’s vital for technicians to be in-the-know with instant access to company resources. In Zinc, open lines of communication between service teams and corporate drive improved customer service.


Easily coordinate goods delivery schedules between teams at plants and sites. Keep everyone up-to-date on the latest task.


Accelerate on-site issue resolution and provide easy access to critical information through alert-style Broadcasts


See how your organization communicates and segment by region or department to identify what works and what doesn’t.

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Drive Measurable Business Results

First-time Fix Rate

Improve the time it takes to fix by combatting common obstacles in real-time. When a service tech doesn’t have all the parts on-hand or doesn’t know how to fix a problem, they can easily communicate with other team members and departments, as well as quickly accessing documents like service manuals, work order histories, and new procedures.

Mean Time to Repair

Reduce the average time it takes to repair by enabling mobile-based troubleshooting and access to a Content Hub of useful training documents. With the ability to contact anyone in the company, techs shave time off each work order, as well as improve team utilization rates.

Customer Satisfaction and NPS

The coveted and highly visible Net Promoter Score (NPS) is difficult to reach and maintain without consistent communication across all outbound-facing teams. Elevated customer expectations in competitive markets mean organizations need to deliver timely, quality services. Zinc enables the most efficient communication so work gets done faster, directly impacting customer satisfaction scores.

Completion Rate

Improve time to complete by streamlining communication between scheduling centers and technicians. With reduced response times, techs fit more work orders into the day, boosting customer satisfaction and revenue.

“With Zinc, our customer services satisfaction score rose and has stayed at 99%. Thanks to Zinc’s Communication Analytics, our ‘Bat Signal’ group called “Save My Bacon” has doubled in size.

– Sean Jordan, Service Director

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