Leyla Seka, EVP at Salesforce, on the Importance of Internal Communication & Leadership

For the past ten years, Leyla Seka has been leading AppExchange at Salesforce. In this podcast, she discusses the role of leadership in internal communication and offers advice from her experiences over the years.


Stacey Epstein: What do you believe is really the essential part and also the hardest part about communicating to your internal teams?

Leyla Seka: I think it’s transparency. I mean we all strive for that. And then you sort of want to protect the information too so that people don’t get unnecessarily flipped out because in this day and age in this world of technology changes on a dime if you think that 10 years ago the first iPhone was really coming online and now like what we do with telephones and how we depend on them, I mean things shift so quickly. So I think there’s something that you have to make sure people understand where you’re going in the direction but also not every squiggle in the line right. Because some of that is just distracting. So how to be a transparent and authentic leader. But also one that protects their team and keeps them focused on the task at hand. I think that really is the challenge of leadership in this age with technology shifting and business shifting.