Sent Doesn’t Equal Read; The Problem with Top-Down Communication

The Problem with Top-Down Communication

Sharing information from management or corporate teams with first-line employees is not something that should be taken lightly. Transparent top-down communication is an essential part of an effective communication strategy, leading to more engaged and productive employees.

The trouble is, even if you are committed to sharing meaningful information with your workforce, they probably aren’t reading it. When managers or executives need to convey an important message to a large group of people, sending a mass email or posting to the Intranet isn’t going to cut it, especially for companies who have large numbers of deskless employees.

Imagine managing a large team of field service technicians, or being in charge of an important event, and trying to get important information out to hundreds (or thousands) of people through email. They aren’t standing by a computer ready to receive your communication and as a result, important messages go unread. Even if employees access email on a smartphone, it’s not something that is continually open and easy to review, let alone respond to.

Going Mobile

When it comes to top-down communication, you have to communicate in a way that is natural to the way employees communicate in order to capture their attention.

With today’s technology, there’s a clear gap in the ability to do this and ensure that the message is being received. Most companies still rely on ineffective approaches like email, Intranet, and even bulletin board postings. A recent survey by Zogby Analytics found that 71% of companies with deskless workforces use email to share company news, and a whopping 30% still use physical bulletin boards.

top-down communication

And when companies do turn to technology, they all too often choose a solution that solely does corporate communications. If employees are to read the information, they have to open a separate app, rather than seeing the information in the same app they already use for day to day work communications.

At Zinc, we’re pioneering alert-style Broadcasts within an All Mode Communication Platform that allows management and corporate teams to send out company-wide or specific group memos, videos, or other relevant content. Because Broadcasts are received in the same app that employees use to communicate with each other every day, these important updates actually get read.

Furthermore, Zinc’s Communication Analytics show read receipts and click through rates so you can know exactly who received the information. A critical point for those who are sending.

From communications to manufacturing, numerous companies have improved safety, employee satisfaction, retention, and efficiency by leveraging Zinc’s easy-to-use All Mode app for both team and corporate communication. To see how your company could benefit from effective top-down communication, check out the Essential Podcast episode “ABC Culture with BlueLine Rental”.