Product Update: Rich Media Broadcast Enhancements

As a core part of Zinc’s employee communication platform, Broadcasts ensure employees stay up-to-date with the latest information on the same central platform they use to talk with their teammates every day.

Over the past month, we’ve rolled out some exciting enhancements to Broadcasts and Broadcast Management in the Admin Console. These new capabilities further streamline deskelss workers’ ability to access key information while on the job.

1. Schedule Broadcasts for a Later Date

When composing Broadcasts in the Zinc Admin Console, you can now schedule them to be sent at a future date and time. Easily keep your workforce in-the-know, in advance!
Schedule broadcasts

2. Add Photos, Videos or Files to Broadcasts

Both in the mobile apps and on desktop, you can now attach a video or image to your Broadcast.

When scheduling Broadcasts in the Admin Console, you can drag and drop a video, image, or file, such as an instruction manual. Recipients can watch the video, or look at the file or image, directly from the Broadcast in Zinc.

3. Send Broadcasts to Groups Based on User Properties

Broadcasts make it easy to:

  • Instantly alert teams of nearby hazards
  • Share preventative safety tips to keep safety top of mind
  • Remind your team about important events or deadlines
  • Ensure proper installation and maintenance on the latest product and service offerings
  • Engage employees with HR updates, awards, company progress, and team successes

While these messages are crucial, they won’t apply to every employee. With User Profiles enabled for your org, you can easily Broadcast messages to the exact intended audience using properties like role, department, region, or job skills.

Targeted Employee Communication Keeps Everyone in the Loop

From product operating manuals and installation guides to training materials and safety videos, Zinc gives users an easy, organized way to view relevant content assets and updates.

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