All Mode Communication Platform for the Enterprise

Zinc is the only All Mode Communication Platform that connects deskless workers with each other and their office-based coworkers. Employees share information in a secure and intuitive platform. Rich communication analytics provide insights that drive decisions to improve productivity and overall performance. Companies no longer need to deploy separate apps, such as an enterprise file sharing solution for this and a video conference call app for that, rather all communication and collaboration needs are served by one, easy-to-use app.

TEAM COMMUNICATION & collaboration

Connect your workforce with the people, systems and knowledge that drive results

Existing team collaboration software has not delivered on the unique needs of deskless teams. As a result, frontline workers have turned to multiple consumer messaging apps and business collaboration tools to stay connected. Now, with Zinc, deskless teams communicate with ease and flexibility. Zinc's enterprise communication platform allows employees to communicate 1:1 or in groups via messaging, voice calls and conference calls, video calls, location/photo/video/file sharing, and push to talk—All Modes in one. With Zinc, everyone stays connected in real time, increasing effectiveness and overall performance.

Communication Modes

Drive Productivity with New Predix ServiceMax Integration

By integrating into Predix ServiceMax, technicians can now have conversations within the context of the work they are doing, making it easier to get the right answers at the right time.


Bring structure to company-wide communication

Corporate teams have struggled to effectively deliver information and share knowledge to deskless teams. Zinc Broadcasts allow organizations to securely share urgent or important information from corporate teams directly to the front lines.

Whether it's a video message from the CEO, a new operating procedure, or a safety alert , Zinc helps disseminate real-time information to the workforce. And since employees use Zinc for all modes of communication, corporate can rest assured the information is consumed.

How Pepper Construction Uses Zinc


Get insights into how the organization communicates

Information flows throughout the organization in many different modes. Hidden in these communication threads are answers to possible inefficiencies, weaknesses, and information gaps, such as the need for more training or business process improvements. With Zinc Communication Analytics, you can finally see how your organization communicates - the who, when, what and why. Uncover usage data, access communication maps, identify which regions or groups are communicating better and ultimately correlate these patterns with your most important business metrics.

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Enterprise collaboration software you can count on

Zinc works on any device, on any network or via WiFi. Built with the most advanced technology, Zinc protects your enterprise with end-to-end, military-grade encryption and top certifications. The centralized Admin Console allows administrators to manage users, groups, and platform setup, as well as sync with Active Directory. In addition, partnerships with multiple vendors provide the ability to connect to the information and content resources you need to build the most effective communication strategy.

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customer success story

"Those folks making it happen are just not checking email, and that's what led us to Zinc"

Since joining BlueLine Rental in 2016, CEO, Asterios Satrazemis made it his mission to improve communication, culture, and engagement across his deskless workforce. To ensure BlueLine Rental employees are always informed as well as build a culture where everyone has a voice, Asterios enlisted the help of Zinc.

Much more than a chat solution or video conference app, Zinc powered real-time communication across all BlueLine teams. The result? BlueLine employees not only enjoy their work more but are also more productive. Because of Asterios’s emphasis on culture and communication, BlueLine has turned profitable in under 18 months.

Communication Trends Across Deskless Workforces

Mobile communication solutions adopted by deskless workers work alright for peer-to-peer communication but prove inadequate when it comes to spreading information from management or executive level teams. Read the survey to find out what tools deskless workers are using and how that compares to the tools used by management and office-based coworkers.

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