The essential element of business.

Innovation, knowledge and leadership can't exist without communication. Whether it's quickly broadcasting an important update to the entire company, enabling tribal knowledge sharing between workers miles apart, or relaying what's really going on in the field back to management, Zinc connects your workforce with the real-time information that drives results.

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Drive knowledge sharing from the front lines to the C-Suite.

Whether it's an urgent safety alert, a new operating procedure, or a video message from the CEO; with Zinc broadcasts you can easily deliver timely information directly to employees, with real-time analytics on received and open rates.

Deliver Timely Information Instantly with Zinc Broadcasts

Voice & Video Calling

Easily elevate a conversation to real-time interaction

No more swapping phone numbers or searching for dial-in codes. With VoIP and video calling from desktop or mobile, conversations can move seamlessly between messaging and face-to-face live conversations with one or many people wherever you are.

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Photos, Videos & Files

A picture is worth a thousand words

"Show don't tell" is a critical principle in communication. Zinc lets you snap a photo or shoot a video the moment something happens, allowing users to quickly communicate in more dimensions. Access and share files from both mobile and desktop, and connect Zinc to Box, Dropbox, and more.

Zinc Makes Sharing a File as Easy as Sharing a Photo

Administrative Tools

Manage and control usage and secure company data.

Put Zinc to work for your business with military-grade encryption, custom privacy and data retention settings, user access management and permissions, enterprise directory sync, and central group administration.

Zinc Provides Simple-Yet-Powerful Administrative Tools

1:1 and Group Messaging

Drive knowledge sharing from the front lines to the C-Suite.

Tribal knowledge exists throughout your organization, but email and conference rooms don't work for a deskless workforce. Zinc's 1:1 and group messaging keeps everyone connected in real-time, increasing accountability and effectiveness.

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Walkie Talkie

Stay focused on the task at hand.

Whether they're operating a piece of machinery, working with a customer, or driving your car; your teams are busy focusing on their task at hand. With Zinc Voice Assist, users can receive important communications hands-free. A simple button click lets users send voice message replies when needed, without accessing their device.

Zinc Voice Messages
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Do Not Disturb

Reduce liabilities with hourly teams.

Whether you're on vacation, or managing shift or non-exempt workers, you can easily mute conversations and notifications during designated non-work hours.

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Get connected to what's happening in the field.

Information flows through organizations along many different paths. With Zinc's Conversation Network Analytics you can see how your org communicates, who talks to whom, and at what frequency. See the most active groups, where staff is sharing information, and gain valuable insight into what's really happening in the field. 

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