ROI Calculator for Field Service

See for yourself just how much money your organization can save by utilizing the Zinc communication app for your field service team.
Our ROI calculator breaks it down.

Number of Field Employees

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How many field employees are in your org?

This could be technicians, crew members, linemen, and supporting functions.

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Cost per Employee

${{ q2.value.toLocaleString() }} / {{q2.label}}

What is the average annual cost per employee?

This includes benefits and bonuses.

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${{ q2.max.toLocaleString() }}

Job Duration

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What is the average duration of each job?

Average time to repair an asset/complete a job.


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{{ q3.max }} {{q3.label}}

Number of Service Calls Per Day

{{ q4.value }}

What is the average number of Service calls per day, per employee?


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{{ q4.max }}

Number of Return Visits

{{ q5.value }}%

What percent of work orders require a return visit?

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{{ q5.max }}%

Annual Turnover

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What percentage of your field employees leave each year?

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Zinc provides this calculator in good faith as a service to help customers in analyzing potential cost savings when purchasing and utilizing our product. Data provided for the calculation is the user’s responsibility. We do not make any recommendations or warranties of any kind on the information provided. We also disclaim any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information provided.