Rise Above the Chatter, Say Hello to Zinc Broadcasts

When you have important or urgent information to share with your field based employees, how do you get the right information to the right people at the right time?

Let’s consider a few scenarios….

An emergency weather warning is issued for an incoming tornado in your region. You have nearly 150 field technicians currently dispersed across a dozen power sites…

You oversee guest services for a large resort. As the new year starts, you’re introducing a new process for handling VIPs and you need to make sure all housekeeping staff are in the loop…

A region just exceeded their sales goals and you want to recognize them nationally to celebrate their success and encourage friendly competition …

So how do you get these timely and important updates to your deskless workforce? Phone trees? Email? Word of Mouth? Reality is, there’s no good way to reach your entire workforce.

Until now. Enter Zinc Broadcasts.broadcast-ios-mobile

Broadcasts bring structure to your centralized employee communication platform, getting above the chatter of day-to-day conversation. Companies now have the power to disseminate urgent and priority information from trusted authorities – to all employees, from the front office to the front lines.  

And beyond the ability to distribute this information comes a greater degree of utility and reach. Employees have the ability to refer back to these critical updates at any time, something not always possible with other channels. Organizations gain greater confidence the message is reaching the right audience(s) with real-time analytics on engagement rates – an element we know is critical for our customers dealing with time-sensitive or safety related issues.

Broadcasts open a whole new possibility for getting important information to the right people when it matters most. So it’s time to say goodbye to archaic communication technology or old school bulletin boards and phone trees – and say hello to Zinc Broadcasts. This is just the beginning, so stay tuned for more announcements around Broadcasts in the near future.

Since day one, we’ve focused on empowering our customers to accomplish a significant goal: connect their entire workforce like never before. Broadcasts mark another important step in that journey.


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