ServiceMax Acquires Zinc!

This morning we announced the acquisition of Zinc by ServiceMax. It’s a coming together of my worlds and having been the CMO of ServiceMax in the early years, I’ve had many déjà vu experiences over the course of the last few weeks/months. My overriding feeling this morning, however, is that of looking ahead—not back. As I was part of the genesis of both companies, Zinc and ServiceMax feel almost like children to me, and the opportunities created by this merger are almost impossible to overstate.

As an analyst said yesterday on a pre-announcement call, “ServiceMax seems to always be at the leading edge of game-changing innovation that no one else in the space has even thought of.” Of course, it’s true. I remember in late 2009 when we/ServiceMax launched the first iPad app for field service teams and as a result, won the TSIA innovation award. Tablets had literally just come to market, and ServiceMax was already launching a full-featured app to a demographic of worker who needed modern mobile innovation the most.

ServiceMax has continued to be at the forefront of innovation for the past decade, and others continued to follow. And now, in the same “game-changing” way, ServiceMax has added Zinc, a truly differentiated offering, to its capabilities. We at Zinc know that effective, real-time communication drives huge results for service teams like Dish, Vivint, and Cincinnati Bell, but interestingly none of the other field service players are woke to the enormous opportunity.

Having just completed their own acquisition by Silver Lake just a few weeks ago, and with the backing of a $45b private equity firm, ServiceMax is already making big, bold moves and not just redefining field service management, but creating a bigger, broader category of Service Execution Management. The addition of real-time communication to the ServiceMax solution adds a truly modern and differentiated set of functionalities that drive employee engagement, service results, and customer success.

And for Zinc, this acquisition means more resources and more opportunities to tell the world about the results we are achieving with modern and secure real-time communication.

I truly can’t wait to be part of helping both Zinc and ServiceMax realize our ambitious vision, and deliver these transformational technologies to existing and prospective customers of both vendors. Though I do feel like I’ve come home, my only purview is the future.

Ready to Learn More?

Save your seat for March 14th’s webinar to learn about Zinc as part of the ServiceMax platform.

Zinc, now a part of ServiceMax