Team Communication Application

Whether your team consists of service technicians in the field, hotel front desk agents coordinating with housekeeping, or a call center team supporting a fleet of drivers, you need simple, effective communication to get the job done. Zinc's team chat software brings every mode to the table—Messaging, Voice, Video and Push to Talk— to keep teams connected.

All Modes, Any Time

Finally, an intuitive team communication service for 1:1 and group conversations. Send a chat, hold a group conference call, share a video message or send a work order file. In Zinc, every mode is there for you to use. After getting your team on Zinc, you'll see the impact of real-time communication immediately. Questions are answered in seconds, customer problems are resolved with ease, scheduling and inventory management is effortless. In Zinc group chats teams troubleshoot problems, celebrate wins, share stories from customers, ask questions, and more. Discover new ways to connect with coworkers and drive efficiency every day.

Drive Revenue

Greater team efficiency reduces service cycle-times and leads to more revenue and lower costs.

Increase NPS

Field workers easily tap into field tribal knowledge to quickly solve problems while on the job.

Reduce Churn

Achieve greater employee satisfaction as everyone operates as one, connected team.

Your All Mode Team Communication App


1:1 and group messaging keeps everyone connected in real time.

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Switch to a live 1:1 or group voice conversation and get answers fast.

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Share live experiences with another team member, wherever you are.

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Push to Talk

Easily start a live audio stream with any Zinc Group.

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Be Proud of Your Team

Using an effective team chat app is crucial for team cohesion and job success. Every day we communicate and collaborate to get work done. Strengthening relationships through face to face interactions isn't possible for remote and frontline teams. Team building must take place online through group messages, phone calls, and video chats. Having access to every mode of communication makes this a breeze. As one of our customers says, "each team has its own culture and ‘heartbeat,’ so to speak, because they have access to Zinc.”