Push to Talk

A Live Voice Streaming App & Instant Walkie-Talkie

Often deskless workers need to quickly communicate with a number of people at the same time. While messaging works well in many situations, there are times when communication needs to be instant. With Push to Talk mode, you have a built-in walkie-talkie inside Zinc. Tap the screen to stream your message with near zero-latency to any individual or group. You no longer need to buy additional radios and hardware or use a separate business live voice streaming app to keep everyone in-the-know.

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Say goodbye to walkie talkie range limitations

Zinc’s Push to Talk works over cellular networks and WiFi, which means there are no range limitations. Anyone in Zinc, no matter how far away can join a Push to Talk conversation. No need to wait for a text message or a call to start, simply select the person or group you need to contact and speak into the phone to stream the information. It’s the quickest and most efficient built-in walkie talkie for business.

In the webcast replay below, you'll learn how an All Mode Communication Platform is deployed at a hotel property and the value that comes with connecting every staff member.

Go hands-free with Zinc supported Bluetooth devices

When facing customers, taking out a device might be awkward or simply not good practice. However, by enabling Bluetooth, Zinc’s Push to Talk discreetly works with the push of a button using an ear-piece or headphones. It's much quieter than a walkie-talkie and customers value the high-quality experience.

Zinc Supported Devices

Public channels allow for cross-department collaboration

Unlike other live streaming apps for business, Zinc lets you stream from any 1:1 or group chat. To easily reach team members in other departments, turn any Official Group into an open channel. This way, anyone in the organization can join the “conversation” to help find an efficient solution.

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What Customers Are Saying

"Zinc’s broadcast alerts instantly solved the problem of delivering and recording urgent updates for us. But using the app has also improved our cross-team communication in a powerful way."

- Anderson Foote, Hyatt

"What Zinc provides is up-and-coming stuff – it’s very useful to us and entirely integrated into the business. This kind of platform is really the future of what we’re all going to be doing. "

- Keith Humphrey, Jet AirWerks

A built-in walkie talkie program trusted by leading hotels

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