Live Video Calling Solves Issues Faster

Zinc’s All Mode communication platform makes it easy to switch from one form of communication to another. Tap the video icon on the chat or call screen and instantly switch to a live video call to show what you are seeing. Need to demonstrate something on your computer screen? Simply select screen sharing while on a 1:1 call. Live video calls and real-time screen sharing let everyone know what's happening at the moment so you can resolve issues faster.

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Video sharing

Record what's going on

Whether you don't have a strong enough cellular network to start a video chat or want to get multiple people's feedback on a non-urgent question, record and send a video of what you're seeing right from Zinc. Click the camera icon to start recording a video or attach a previously recorded video from your library.


DISH Empowers the Field with Zinc

In order to power real-time connections between technicians working in the field and their support teams stationed back at the office, DISH turned to Zinc’s All Mode Communication Platform. The thousands-strong team at DISH uses Zinc to

  • Get answers from product experts
  • Share tribal knowledge in real time
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest product and procedure info

When exceeding customer expectations is the number one goal, speed an efficiency are everything. Zinc's easy-to-use, real-time communication app keeps DISH teams moving.


Avert delays during important events

An important event is underway at a bustling hotel. Synchronization across teams is crucial for everything to run smoothly. With a few minutes to go before opening the doors, the team realizes the AV is not working and the technician is tied-up installing at a different location. Luckily, the tech gets on a quick video call using Zinc to explain the problem and the mini-crisis is averted.

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What Customers Are Saying

"Zinc improves communication and makes real-time knowledge sharing a reality. Employees are no longer sent information that is irrelevant to them and at the same time, no one feels excluded."

- Haley Hillton, Senergy

"We have an internal employee satisfaction score we measure every year, and we’ve seen a 50 percent improvement in employee engagement scores since deployment."

- Brett Barborka, Vivint Smart Home