Sometimes a live call is what it takes

Service workers need to make multiple calls a day, whether to dispatch, managers, IT support, other technicians, and so on. Access to a business-backed live call app that lets employees call any coworker by quickly searching for their name saves a lot of time and frustration.

With the press of a button, you can conduct clear, reliable phone calls with one or more participants. Our live call app for business lets you talk over a cellular network or VoIP, and with your organization's directory integrated into Zinc, you never need to know your coworkers' phone numbers.

Once-click Conference Calling

Easy to start and easy to join conference calls

Using Zinc, there is no need to exchange phone numbers or search for conference dial-in numbers and codes. Instantly begin a call with any member of a group and connect with up to 250 people at a time. Remote, field, and frontline workers finally have an easy one-click way to join conference calls so they don't miss a beat.

Business Live Call Program

Make calls anywhere for free

With your smartphone connected to a cellular network or WiFi, make calls to other Zinc users without incurring charges. Save money and keep everyone on the team informed and connected, regardless of their location. Start a call from an existing group chat or search a team member's name to get the answers you need fast.

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A Central Communication App for Business

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